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Vitamin E May Help Protect Older Adults from Memory Loss

Regularly taking supplements and eating kinds of food that are rich in vitamin E may help maintain brain health.

Infants Can Recognize Songs They've Heard Prior to Birth, Says Study

Have your unborn babies hear the sound of your voice and listen to good music, as they can remember them even months after they are born.

Green Tea May Help Protect You From Alzheimer's Disease

Drinking green tea may prevent plaques from forming in the brain and lessen the risk of mental deterioration.

Healthy Habits May Promote Healthy Memory

Do you feel like you're starting to become forgetful? You may want to review your lifestyle.

Cinnamon May Help Prevent Alzheimer's Disease

A bit of spice may just be what older adults need to keep their brain healthy.

Clenching Your Fists May Help You Memorize Things Better

A quick hand movement may make your brain highlight important memories, researchers say.

Rosemary-Scented Oils May Help Improve Memory, Says Study

The pleasant scent of rosemary may help you remember important commitments you've made.

Study Links Cold Sores Caused By Infections to Memory Loss

Keeping your immune system in good shape may help maintain your cognitive skills as you grow older.

Taking Tests May Improve Memory and Help Adults Learn More

Testing what you've learned can supplement your studying, research suggests.

Mental Exercises May Help the Ears and the Brain Identify Sound

A recent study shows that loss of hearing due to age can still be partially reversed.

The Memory of an Upzised Meal May Satiate Your Hunger

Hungry but still hours away from dinner? According to research, thinking of the heavy meal you've had before may help stave it off.

Vitamin C Deficiency May Cause Memory Damage to Unborn Children

A new study shows that pregnant women who skip their Vitamin C supplements may harm their would-be children long after birth.