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Bb. Pilipinas Int'l. Patricia Magtanong Is a Step Closer to Becoming Full-Fledged Lawyer

A week after winning the Bb. Pilipinas International crown, the beauty queen took her lawyer's oath.

If You're Always Harassed Online, This Bill May Soon Be Able to Help You

If House Bill No. 8655 is enacted into law, psychological violence would include the creation and spread of explicit videos, photos, and the like.

How Much Does it Cost to Review for the Bar Exams in the Philippines?

The fees vary but are roughly equivalent to new college graduates' average starting monthly salary.

A Primer on Libel Law for Minors (Part 1)

Minors can also be charged with libel for statements made on Facebook and other social networking sites.

Kris Aquino Thanks Her Supporters for Standing by Her Side

The country's Queen of All Media says she might consider taking up law.

Palace Ditches Ceremonial Signing of the Kasambahay Law

Household helpers in the Philippines are now required to receive a minimum of P1,500 every month for their services.

Do you think the RH Bill should be passed?

With the final decision on the RH Bill soon to be made, FN asks what your thoughts are.

6 Things Every Woman Needs to Know about Date Rape

FN answers 6 frequently asked questions about this crime, covering topics from its legal definition to victim support and assistance.

9 Reasons to Support the Legalization of Divorce in the Philippines

The Philippines is now the only country without divorce. Here are 9 reasons why we should enact our own divorce law.

What's your say on QC mayor Herbert Bautista promoting the traffic cop who apprehended him?

”?"Bistek” rewards the cop who pulled him over after running a red light.

The Supreme Court Acquits Hubert Webb + Do You Think that the DOJ Should Reopen the Vizconde Case?

The Supreme Court's decision absolves Hubert Webb. Do you think the case should be reopened?

5 Things Anyone Can Do to Support the RH Bill

A recent survey shows that 69 percent of Filipinos favor the passing of the Reproductive Health Bill. What can you do to help this cause?

5 Misconceptions about the Reproductive Health Bill

FN lists 5 points used to protest the RH Bill--and explains why these are invalid.