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Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids May Promote Brain Development in Kids

Young kids may benefit from seafoods which are rich in Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids.

Omega-3 May Give Kids an Academic Boost

Researchers recommend serving kids a variety of fish and seafood at least twice a week.

Breakfast Power: Get Your Kid Energized with the First Meal of the Day

Make sure your child gets all the nutrients he needs first thing in the morning.

Children Prefer Eating Sliced Fruit, Study Says

Here's something parents should remember when fixing baon for their kids.

Shifting to Skim Milk May Not Be as Effective in Dealing with Juvenile Obesity, Study Suggests

The kind of milk children drink may not really matter if the rest of their diet is less than healthy.

Salty Snacks: Kiddie Munchies May Contain Too Much Sodium, According to Study

Recent research warns that regularly giving your children meals that are high in sodium may cause health problems later on.

Including Fruits and Vegetables in School Cafeteria Menus May Encourage Kids to Eat Healthy

Good school food, as well as a balanced baon from home, may be the key in increasing children's intake of healthy food.

Healthier Snacks Like Cheese and Vegetables May Lessen Kids' Calorie Intake

Research shows that a serving of cheesy veggies may sate children's hunger more.

Twins Fall Asleep While Eating Spaghetti

Watch these adorable twins as they try their best to stay awake while eating their lunch.

Ask Your Child What His Favorite Superhero Would Eat to Promote Healthier Food Choices

Having a tough time convincing your child to pick healthy munchies over junk food? Try capitalizing on his hero worship!

Get Your Kids to Eat Healthier by Eating Good-for-You Food Yourself

Research shows that forcing the issue on your children won't get you anywhere.

Help Your Kids Lose Weight By Cutting Down on Carbs or Food Portions

Research shows how you can help your obese children become healthier.

The Games Your Kids Play Can Influence Their Food Choices

Research shows that advergames can affect your children's decisions when it comes to eating healthy or unhealthy food.

Chef Mom: Healthy Snacks to Serve to Your Kids and Their Friends

Busy as they are with summer activities, your kids need a healthy source of fuel between meals. Serve them these lip-smacking healthy finger foods are hard to resist.