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James Yap Admits He Has Another Child Aside from Bimby

The basketball player finally opens up about his older son with an ex-girlfriend.

Kris Aquino Defends James Yap against Bashers

The Queen of All Media has no qualms about siding with her ex-husband this time around.

The Top 10 Showbiz Stories of 2013

Here are the headlines that kept us entertained the whole year.

Kris Aquino and James Yap Settle Visitation Rights

The former couple have expressed their satisfaction with the court's decision as to when and where James can see their son Bimby.

James Yap's Camp Fires Back at Kris Aquino's Statements

The basketball player's lawyer, Atty. Lorna Kapunan, says that Kris is making it hard for him to visit his son, Bimby.

Kris Aquino Says She Tried to Contact James Yap on Father's Day

Kris insists that James Yap's actions do not match his expressed desire to spend more time with their son.

Court Denies Protection Order Kris Aquino Filed for Son Bimby against James Yap

The basketball player is glad to have the chance to see his son again.

Kris Aquino to Go on Temporary Leave

The actress is set to fulfill her obligations to her home network when she returns from her leave.

Anne Curtis Gives Her "150 Percent Support" to Kris Aquino

The actress, who stars with Kris in a teleserye, said that she will always be there for her co-star.

Kris Aquino Thanks Her Supporters for Standing by Her Side

The country's Queen of All Media says she might consider taking up law.

Kris Aquino Leaves for Europe with Sons Josh and Bimby

The TV host-actress is set to fulfill her commitments to her home network despite announcing that she will resign from her shows.

Kris Aquino Denies James Yap's Statements

The TV host-actress says she will sacrifice her shows for her son Bimby.

Kris Aquino Files Protection Order against James Yap

The basketball player says he is willing to fight for his rights as the father of their son, Bimby.

Kris Aquino Goes Emotional on Twitter after Paying Financial Settlement with James Yap

The actress-TV host had a case of the "birthday blues," saying she might give up on her search for love.

Kris Aquino Annoyed at Being Linked to Daniel Matsunaga

The country's Queen of All Media lashed back at her Twitter followers who kept bashing her on the social networking site.

Kris Aquino Says She and James Yap Are Not on Good Terms

The Queen of All Media says she and her ex-husband might have misinterpreted each other's actions.

Kris Aquino Denies Dating Makati Mayor Jejomar Erwin "Junjun" Binay Jr.

The Queen of Talk reiterates that she and the Makati mayor did not go out.

Kris Aquino and James Yap to Legitimize Bimby through Adoption

The annulment of their marriage left their son, Bimby, illegitimate.

Kris Aquino's Marriage to James Yap Officially Annulled

Their son, Bimby, will retain James's surname. James also has visitation rights.