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Study Shows That A Mother's Health is a Key Factor in Her Baby's Size

Contrary to popular belief, it's not predetermined by one's race or ethnicity.

Weight Gain during Pregnancy May Lower Risk of Infant Mortality

Consult your doctor about your ideal weight on your next appointment.

Study Reveals Why Infants Are Prone to Diseases

According to research, newborns have immature immune systems, which make them more at risk for catching certain viruses.

Bad Dietary Habits May Be Traced in Infancy

Children who are trained to finish the contents of their formula bottles may develop the bad habit of overeating.

Four-Month-Old Infants May Start Eating Solid Food, According to Study

It may be healthier to wait until the child is at least four months old before switching from milk to food they need to chew.

Excess Vitamin D During Pregnancy May Result in Infant Food Allergies

A balanced vitamin D intake may help you and your child stay healthy, but too much of it may cause complications.