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Women More Prone to Hypertension Than Men, Says Study

Make it a habit to monitor your blood pressure levels as you age.

Obesity May Lead to Hypertension In Children

Proper diet and exercise may save children from the risk of hypertension and its resulting diseases.

Juvenile Obesity May Increase Hypertension Risk During Adulthood

It's important for parents to monitor their children's weight, as the more pounds they gain, the more unhealthy they get.

Debt May Increase Risk of Hypertension and Depression in Young Adults

Managing your finances properly may help you avoid headaches and other health problems later on.

Volunteer Work May Help Lower Hypertension Risk in Older Adults

Participating in social activities may keep older adults healthier and happier.

Chemical in Common Plastics Said to Raise Blood Pressure in Children

Keeping children healthy and active may help offset the effects of phthalates.

Prevent High Blood Pressure with Yoga, Says Study

Taking regular yoga classes may protect you from hypertension.

Lowering Salt and Increasing Potassium Intake May Reduce Risk of Cardiovascular Conditions and Stroke

To lower your blood pressure, researchers recommend lowering salt and increasing potassium content in what you eat.

Obesity During Early Adulthood May Cause Kidney-Related Diseases Later in Life

A recent study says that it's best to shed those excess pounds as early as you can in order to remain fit and healthy as you age.

Gazpacho May Lower Blood Pressure, Study Suggests

This Spanish soup has been found to not only work wonders for the tummy but also for the heart.

Holiday Health Hazards: 6 Common Health Concerns during the Festive Season

Health concerns can sure put a damper on holiday celebrations. Be informed about the common ailments by checking this guide.

Study Links Chronic Kidney Disease to End-Stage Renal Disease

Researchers say that your kidney problems may lead to something even more serious.

Top 10 Pinoy Health Concerns

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Cook with Sesame Oil and Rice Bran Oil for Healthier Meals

It's not just about what you cook; it's also about the kind of oil you cook your food in.

Eating Yogurt May Reduce Risk of Developing High Blood Pressure

According to a recent study, you can now bid high blood pressure goodbye by eating yogurt.

Stress Coupled with Salt Retention May Lead to Hypertension

Excess salt in your body is never a good thing, especially if it piles up every time you get stressed.

Pregnant? Get Sufficient Protein to Lower Your Child's Risk of Adult Hypertension

Research suggests your diet while expecting may affect your child's health even when he grows into adulthood.

Insomniacs Are More Likely to Be Hypertensive

Research shows having trouble sleeping may put you at risk for other health problems.