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Women More Prone to Hypertension Than Men, Says Study

Make it a habit to monitor your blood pressure levels as you age.

Juvenile Obesity May Increase Hypertension Risk During Adulthood

It's important for parents to monitor their children's weight, as the more pounds they gain, the more unhealthy they get.

Debt May Increase Risk of Hypertension and Depression in Young Adults

Managing your finances properly may help you avoid headaches and other health problems later on.

More and More Kids Are Being Diagnosed with High Blood Pressure and Type 2 Diabetes

Children become more prone to chronic conditions as they become increasingly obese.

Chemical in Common Plastics Said to Raise Blood Pressure in Children

Keeping children healthy and active may help offset the effects of phthalates.

The Dangers of High Blood Pressure

Let this public service announcement from the World Health Organization encourage you to check your blood pressure regularly.

Beans and Nuts May Lower Heart Disease Risk in Diabetes Patients

Although legumes are usually thought to be fattening, they may actually help those with diabetes avoid heart problems.

Mediterranean and Low Carb Diets Have Long-Lasting Benefits

Research shows that the benefits of eating healthy are here to stay.

Low-Calorie Cranberry Juice May Help Maintain Healthy Blood Pressure

Drinking cranberry juice on a daily basis may have more benefits than you think.

Cook with Sesame Oil and Rice Bran Oil for Healthier Meals

It's not just about what you cook; it's also about the kind of oil you cook your food in.

Eating Yogurt May Reduce Risk of Developing High Blood Pressure

According to a recent study, you can now bid high blood pressure goodbye by eating yogurt.

Decode Those Digits: 13 Abbreviations and Numbers that Relate to Your Health

BP 140/120, FBS 120, BMI 30--find out what medical terms like this mean with our guide.

A Long Commute to Work May Lead to Health Problems

The distance you travel to and from the workplace could be affecting your health.

Eat Less Bread to Lower Your Salt Intake

This everyday food staple is among the top 10 high-in-salt foods you may want to eat less of.

Even 15 Minutes of Exercise Per Day Can Lower Blood Pressure

Research on over 400 obese women has shown that even a moderate exercise routine can do wonders for your health.

A High Blood Pressure Can Make You Miss Emotional Cues

Research shows that high blood pressure can affect the way we understand others.