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Save Your Heart Before It's Too Late

Heart disease-not cancer-is the leading cause of death among women.

You Can't Be Both Healthy and Overweight, Study Says

Research reveals that passing your BMI limits may increase your risk of heart disease and early death, even if you're metabolically healthy.

DIY Activities May Lower Risk of Heart Problems in Older Adults

Remaining active in your older years may help you fight off life-threatening conditions.

A Low-Fiber Diet May Increase Cardiovascular-Related Diseases

Make sure to mix wheat and nuts in your diet in order to lower the risk of heart issues.

Air Pollution May Increase Risk of Heart Issues

A recent study shows how air pollution may greatly affect your health.

Marathons May Cause Heart Injury in Amateur Runners

It's important to be physically prepared before signing up for a long-distance run to avoid potential heart problems.

Healthy Lifestyle Changes May Save Your Heart, Says Study

You have the choice and the power to protect your heart from fatal diseases.

Continuous Exposure to Air Pollution May Increase Heart Failure and Lung Cancer Risk

Both your heart and your lungs may be affected by the dirty air that you breathe in.  

Obese Smokers May Have a Higher Heart Disease Risk

Smoking is one thing, but being overweight may cause you additional heath problems.

Lose the Blues: Happy People May Have Happier Hearts

Researchers say that being cheeful may save you from heart problems.

"Exercise Overdose" May Increase Risk of Heart Problems

Working out is a good thing, but overdoing it may do more harm than good.

Having a Pet May Lower Risk of Heart Disease

The connection between you and your furry friend may be responsible for keeping your heart healthy.

Keeping Your Heart Healthy May Also Keep You Cancer-Free

Turning to a healthier lifestyle may help you hit two birds with one stone.

A Healthy Weight May Result in Healthy Hormones

Having healthy hormones can help you avoid chronic diseases and increase your lifespan.