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15 Places Where Your Groom Can Get a Well-Tailored Suit for Your Wedding

Because we don't want groomzilla to come out, let's help him out.


The barong Tagalog, in traditional or reinvented form, is a classy, cool, and comfortable choice for the groom.


More than just a shirt's fastening, cufflinks can also subtly channel a groom's personality.

Colored Ties

Men's wedding wear doesn't always have to be just black and white.

Featured Wedding: Beach Bliss

A sunny beach wedding captures fun and carefree vibe of summer.

Three-Piece Suits

A waistcoat or vest with the basic jacket-and-tie combo makes for a classic and formal groom's getup.

Featured Supplier: Bradford Shoes

Let your groom stand tall on your wedding day.

6 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Date

Picking the perfect day for you wedding doesn't have to be a chore with these tips from!