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Raymart Santiago Submits Evidence against Claudine Barretto

The actor claims that he had suffered physical violence from Claudine.

Claudine Barretto Sues Raymart Santiago for Violence Against Women

The actress claims to have evidence that will prove that she was abused by her estranged husband.

Young Kids Who Witness Violence May Turn Out to Be Aggressive Children

Violence at home has long-lasting effects, and may even manifest as hostility in school-age children.

Ai-Ai delas Alas and Jed Salang Meet For Civil Case Hearing

The former couple has refused to disclose any details about their case's proceedings to the media.

Daiana Menezes Defends Partner Benjo Benaldo

The Brazilian model still stood by her man despite the outpouring of support from her concerned fans.

Daiana Menezes Speaks Up Against Rape and Abuse

The Brazilian model has posted a number of intriguing messages on her Twitter and Instagram accounts, hinting that she may be a victim of domestic abuse.

Vote for Your Favorite Group for Avon's "Speak Out Against Domestic Violence" Ad Competition

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Scaring, Belittling, or Neglecting a Child Is as Harmful as Beating Him, Experts Say

Psychological abuse doesn't leave a mark on your child's skin, but it's just as damaging as physical abuse and harder to spot to boot.

Pilita Corrales Reveals She Was a Battered Wife for 10 Years

The X-Factor judge confesses she even lost her voice for a while because of domestic abuse.

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Avon's public service ad campaign competition gives youths the chance to win cash while contributing to the fight against domestic violence.

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Violence at Home: 7 Truths about Domestic Abuse

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Living in Fear: I was molested as a girl, physically abused as a woman

With her feisty vocals and no-holds barred attitude, this singer blazed a trail in the Philippine jazz scene. But tormented relationships plagued her personal life.

Ruffa Gutierrez, Marc Nelson, and More Speak Out Against Domestic Violence

On its 125th year, Avon continues to empower women with this campaign against domestic abuse. Check out photos from this special exhibit in our gallery.

Avon and Reese Witherspoon Launch a $1 Million Commitment against Domestic Violence

CEO Andrea Jung joins hands with Avon Global Ambassador Reese Witherspoon to announce the company's plans for its 125th anniversary.

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In a small townhouse complex in Johannesburg, what's there to complain about?

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