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Exercise May Change Your DNA for the Better

If you think your exercise regimen isn't working, think again-you may just not be seeing the changes.

Exposure to Thirdhand Smoke May Cause DNA Deterioration

Compounds from thirdhand smoke cling to surfaces that may cause cellular damage overtime.

Omega-3 Supplements May Slow Down Biological Effects of Aging

Research shows that Omega-3 has a plethora of benefits from slowing down aging to protecting the heart.

Regularly Drinking Sugary Beverages May Amplify Your Genetic Risk of Obesity

That glass of iced tea you have with every lunch isn't just giving you a sugar high--it's also rewiring your genes.

Too Much Stress May Cause Premature Aging

According to a recent study, stress can affect you on a genetic level.

Study Shows Being Born to an Older Father May Lead to a Longer Life

According to research, there are pros and cons to having an older father.

Children Exposed to Violence May Age Prematurely

Being bullied in school or seeing you fight with your hubby may cause your kids to age before their time.

Women Aged 30 and Above Advised to Undergo DNA Testing for HPV

Research shows that there is now a better way for doctors to detect pre-cancerous lesions in the body.

Female Network Womanity Awards Finalists for Science

Choose the woman whose science smarts inspire you the most: DNA expert Corazon de Ungria, forensic pathologist Raquel Fortun, marine scientist Jurgenne Primavera, or astrophysicist Reinabelle Reyes?