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Senator Encourages Work-from-Home Policy Amid Transport Crisis

The law isn't just meant to help with work-life balance, but traffic congestion as well.

People with Measles Can Spread the Virus 4 Days Before Rash Appears

Aside from Manila, the measles outbreak has also spread in other parts of Luzon and Visayas.

Women Have Been Disappearing And Turning Up Dead In Zamboanga

Maria Clariz Faylona's murder is linked to five other young women who were found dead.

House Speaker Files Bill To Control Fake Social Media Accounts

Here's the catch: Social media companies aren't covered by Philippine law.

5 Ways to Survive the Last Few Days Before Elections

Here's how to avoid getting fed up with all the political drama.

Women Are More Sensitive to Media Negativity than Men

Are you feeling more stressed than you should be? Negative news reports may have something to do with it.

Do you think the RH Bill should be passed?

With the final decision on the RH Bill soon to be made, FN asks what your thoughts are.

The Truth Hurts and We Don't Want to Hear It, Studies Show

Research shows that the less we know about something, the more we want to avoid information about it.

News of Explosion on Passenger Bus Rocks Nation + 10 Tips for Discussing Current Events with Your Child

FN shares tips on explaining tragedies like yesterday's bus explosion and other sensitive topics with your child.

Where do the candidates stand? 10 issues to consider for the coming elections

What factors will influence your vote in May? The FN good citizen's guide to the elections gives you a lineup of issues to consider when making your choice.

Jason Ivler's mother allegedly hid him from the law: Would you do the same for your child?

Marlene Aguilar-Pollard is in a nightmare situation no mother wants to face: when your children have done something wrong, are you still willing to protect them, even when it means harboring a fugitive in your home?

Celebs express their outrage over the Maguindanao massacre

Pinay personalities share their shock and horror at Monday's killings and call for speedy action from the government.