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FOI Bill Sponsorship Postponed in Congress

The introduction of the bill in the lower house on January 22 was delayed due to a local government issue.

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Both the Senate and the House of Representatives voted in favor of the bill, bringing it one step closer to becoming a law.

Lucy Torres-Gomez to Seek Reelection in 2013

The TV-host-politician says that she's happy to be able to make a difference in her hometown.

5 Misconceptions about the Reproductive Health Bill

FN lists 5 points used to protest the RH Bill--and explains why these are invalid.

Learn to Do a New Job on Your Feet

Newly elected congresswoman Lucy Torres-Gomez will need to learn her new responsibilities on the fly. If you're ever caught in that situation, FN offers these tips.

What do you think of Lucy Torres's substituting for Richard Gomez in Ormoc's congressional race?

With her husband Richard's disqualification due to residency issues, Lucy is stepping into his shoes. Is she qualified to serve as a public official?