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Smoking May Worsen Your Vision

Cigarette smoking can cause a number of eye problems, including cataract.

Social Media May Make Quitting Smoking Easier

An online support group may provide the motivation you need to keep you from lighting a stick.

Smoking May Affect Sleep, Says Study

According to research, every cigarette you smoke subtracts more than a minute from your total number of sleeping hours.

Smoking and Obesity May Affect Medication Potency

Smoking is bad for your health. However for obese people, it could also prove fatal.

Obese Smokers May Have a Higher Heart Disease Risk

Smoking is one thing, but being overweight may cause you additional heath problems.

Exposure to Thirdhand Smoke May Cause DNA Deterioration

Compounds from thirdhand smoke cling to surfaces that may cause cellular damage overtime.

Prenatal Exposure to Cigarette Smoke May Increase Addiction Risk in Children

A recent study shows that nicotine may affect a baby's brain formation, blunting his or her sense or satisfaction once he or she gets older.

Smokers Have Higher Mortality Rate than Nonsmokers

According to research, smoking-related deaths continue to decrease despite advances in cardiovascular medicine.

Smoking Risks Are Higher Than Previously Thought, According to Study

Smoking can steal ten years of your life, but it isn't too late to turn things around.

Smoking Promotes Bone Dissolution, According to Study

Smoking has been previously proven to cause osteoporosis. A recent study shows exactly how.

Tweens May Be Easily Susceptible to Cigarettes and Alcohol

Research shows that your kids haven't exactly closed the door on these vices yet.

A Creative Anti-Smoking Campaign: The Chanting Lighter

If your lighter sang funeral songs, would you still smoke?

Chin-Chin Gutierrez's House Burns Down Again + How to Fireproof Your Home

This actress and animal rights activist has lost her home to a fire twice. Here are tips on making sure you won't experience the same thing.