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Save Your Heart Before It's Too Late

Heart disease-not cancer-is the leading cause of death among women.

Skipping Breakfast Linked to Increased Cardiovascular Disease Risk in Men

The first meal of the day is important in keeping your man and his heart healthy.

Donating Blood Is Also Beneficial for Donors

Studies show that those who regularly donate blood can make both others and themselves healthier.

Smokers Have Higher Mortality Rate than Nonsmokers

According to research, smoking-related deaths continue to decrease despite advances in cardiovascular medicine.

"Exercise Overdose" May Increase Risk of Heart Problems

Working out is a good thing, but overdoing it may do more harm than good.

The Right Diet May Reduce Heart Disease Risk in Men Regardless of Weight Loss

Even if your man's weight stays the same, lessening fat and sugar in his meals may lower his cholesterol levels.

Intense Physical Labor May Lead to Heart Problems

Researchers say that working too hard may increase the chances of the body going haywire.

Insomnia May Increase Heart Failure Risk, Says Study

A good eight hours of shut-eye every night is important in keeping you and your heart healthy and happy.

Stay Healthy with Vitamin D, Says Study

Vitamin D does more than just strengthen your bones and muscles. It may also protect you from life-threatening diseases.

A Mediterranean Diet May Lower Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

Eat, drink, and be merry--with white meat, a bit of nuts, and a few drops of extra-virgin olive oil.

Family History a Major Cause for Heart Disease

If you know that cardiovascular problems run in the family, take extra measures to protect yourself.

Walking At Least Three Hours a Week May Lower Stroke Risk

Research shows that a few hours of moderate exercise weekly may keep you heart healthy.

Taking Care of Your Heart May Add 14 Years to Your Life

The right lifestyle may just add 14 fruitful years to your life.