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Raymart Santiago and Claudine Barretto File Charges against Mon Tulfo

The couple brought the reporter up on charges of physical injury and child abuse; they plan to hit Raffy, Erwin, and Ben Tulfo with a grave threats complaint.

Albie Casiño Believes Andi Eigenmann Was Behind His Attack; His Mom Tells Andi to Stop Lying

The young actor shared his side of the story in an interview with Korina Sanchez.

Mon Tulfo Files Charges against Raymart Santiago and Claudine Barretto after Airport Altercation

Following the brawl at NAIA-3, Ramon Tulfo has filed charges against the actor and actress, who in turn have expressed their intention to do the same.

Raymart Santiago, Claudine Barretto, and Mon Tulfo Get into a Fight at the Airport

A video of the scuffle, which occurred on Sunday afternoon, was uploaded onto YouTube and has since gone viral.

Andi Eigenmann Throws Wine in Albie Casiño's Face, Denies Knowing about Ensuing Brawl

Actress, model, and new mom Andi confronted her ex-boyfriend and the alleged father of her child in a Makati bar on May 5.

Coco Martin Tells Star Magic: No Duets with Maja Salvador for Now

The actor says he regrets his fight with Matteo Guidicelli after the Star Magic Ball.

Matteo Guidicelli-Coco Martin Fistfight: Whose side are you on?

Maja Salvador admits to being the cause of these two men's disagreement. Who was in the right? Take our poll!