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Compulsive Internet Usage May Lead to Anxiety and Depression

Being addicted to the Internet may have negative behavioral repercussions.

Depression in Pregnant Women May Be Passed On to Their Children

According to research, expecting moms with depression may affect their babies' psychological health.

Violent Video Games May Affect Teens' Personalities, Says Study

Recent research reveals that teens who play violent video games may be more prone to aggressive behavior.

Communicating with your Teen May Reduce Risk of Mental Health Disorders

Talking and listening to your child may help her become more grounded and balanced.

Juvenile Behavioral Problems May Signal Future Diseases

According to research, behavioral problems may have serious repercussions on your kids' health

Childhood Bullying May Affect Employment, Says Study

A recent study reveals that adults who have been bullied as children may be less likely to hold long-term jobs and relationships.

Too Much Soda Linked to Juvenile Aggression

Researchers suggest giving your children healthier drinks to choose from to avoid negative behavioral changes.

Effects of Omega-3 Deficiency in Parents More Prevalent in their Children

Adolescents whose parents are omega-3 deficient may be more prone to anxiety, hyperactivity, and learning issues.

Young Kids Who Witness Violence May Turn Out to Be Aggressive Children

Violence at home has long-lasting effects, and may even manifest as hostility in school-age children.

Sweat May Determine Children's Temperament, Study Suggests

Researchers discover a new way to predict aggressive behavior in young kids.

Secondhand Smoke May Greatly Harm Unborn Children

Expectant moms should be wary of secondhand smoke, due to its adverse effects on unborn children.

Stressed Would-Be Mothers Are More Likely To Have Children Susceptible to Bullying

Research shows that a mother's anxiety may affect her child's way of dealing with tense situations, increasing his likelihood of being victimized.

In-Law Rivalry: 5 Tips on Dealing with a Monster Sister-in-Law

What do you do when your sister-in-law tries to put you down and make you look bad in front of your family?

Your Child's Snoring May Be a Sign of Behavior Problems

Research shows that there's more to this nightly habit than meets the eye.

Change for Good: 4 Tips for Correcting Your Child's Bad Behavior

What should you do when your child does something you can't approve of, even though your hubby has no problem with it? FN offers a few suggestions.

Pasaway! 6 Tips to Improve Your Kids' Negative Behavior

Kids' rude and naughty behavior can result from parents' permissiveness, but this can be corrected with a little effort from Mom and Dad.

New Study: Separating Puppies from Litters Too Early Leads to More Aggressive Dogs

Research shows puppies who stay with their moms and siblings for at least two months are more well-behaved than those separated from them at an younger age.