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Gretchen Barretto Testifies against Claudine Barretto

The family quarrel has gone to court as Gretchen testifies against her youngest sister.

Gretchen Barretto Willing to Testify against Claudine Barretto

The actress says she can stand as a witness if there will be a court hearing for the Violence Against Women and Children case that her younger sister filed against Raymart Santiago.

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There's no business like show business for these famous clans!

Gretchen Barretto to Inday Barretto: ”?"Stop the abuse”

The actress says she's ready to end her mother's "abusive ways."

Keeping Up With The Barrettos: A Brief Timeline

Here's everything you need to know right now about the country's most controversial showbiz family.

Gretchen Barretto Confirms Claudine Barretto's Drug Use

The actress had released a statement, saying that her youngest sister was previously treated for her condition.

Marjorie Barretto Defends Herself against Her Father's Claim That She Is a "Bad Child"

"Give me a rundown of the reasons why you think I have been a bad daughter," the actress asked of her dad, Mike Barretto.

Gretchen Barretto Puts Family Feud in the Past

The actress says she doesn't want to keep rehashing her family's controversies anymore.

Barretto Sisters Show Their Optimistic Side on Instagram

The embattled celebrity siblings prove to the world that they remain strong despite the trials they are individually facing at the moment.

Jay-Jay Barretto Refutes Sister Gia's Letter about Gretchen Barretto

Jay-Jay claims that Gia has been ungrateful to Gretchen, whose showbiz career had allegedly financed Gia's education and life in America.