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Playing with Other Kids May Help Children with Autism

Interacting with other kids is important for the social development of autistic children.

Kids with Autsim May Benefit from Sensory Enrichment Exercises

Household items such as spoons and essential-oil fragrances may be used to improve conditions of boys with autism.

Folic Acid May Lower Autism Risk in Children

According to research, taking the right amount of folic acid may help manage your baby's brain development.

Autism Symptoms May Be Overcome, Study Suggests

Researchers say that the quality of life of autism patients may actually be improved over time.

How Autism Feels Like

Understand why otherwise ordinary situations can be traumatic for autistic individuals.

Mothers With Flu During Pregnancy May Raise Autism Risk In Their Children

Would-be mothers need to be careful about the sniffles, as a new study has found that this may have adverse mental effects in their children.

Can You Hear What I Hear: 5 Signs of Hypersensitive Hearing

How do you know if your child has hypersensitive hearing or not?

Man with Autism Starts His Own Delivery Business

Anthony, a 24-year-old guy diagnosed with autism, got to start his own delivery service with a little help from his assistant and his mom.

Fever during Pregnancy Linked to Risk of Autism in Children

Research shows that mothers who develop a fever while expecting might be more likely to have kids with autism.

Moms Who Smoke while Pregnant May Increase Risk for Autism in Their Kids

Research shows that smoking during pregnancy may put your child's mental health at risk.

Obesity in Mothers Now Linked to Autism in Children

Women who have certain metabolic conditions may be more likely to have kids with autism.

14-Year-Old Carly Shares What It's Like to Be Autistic

Watch this inspiring video about how a girl diagnosed with autism finds a way to tell people about the world she lives in.

Memory Seekers

Mommy columnist Rica reminisces on memories she shared with her father and ones she continues to share with her special son. Warning: it's a tearjerker!