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Hold hands while walking in halls and parks brimming with art!

Niccolo Jose Stages ”?"Remnants” Exhibit at Greenbelt 5

The talented artist will showcase his unique wood artworks until September 15.

Poured Paint Makes for Great Art

Who needs a paintbrush when you can create art in a unique way? This artist pours paint from a pedestal to express himself.

Artist Uses a Basketball, Not a Brush, to Paint a Portrait

This artist knows how to make a basketball bounce to the beat of her art.

The Romantic Lie Art Exhibit at Yuchengco Museum from February 6 to 25

Art meets poetry in the Yuchengco Museum with The Romantic Lie: Desire, Ennui, Anxiety.

Shea Hembrey Invents 100 Fictional Artists

How can one quirky and brilliant artist multiply himself into 100 different people? Watch this video and find out.

Chinese Painting Lessons at The Forum in January and February!

Fully Booked gives you an artistic treat for the New Year.

New Study: TV and Video Games Contribute to Kids' Attention Problems + 10 Unplugged Indoor Activities for Children

More than two hours of screen times in children can be a factor for ADHD and other attention issues, this study shows.

Stephanie Syjuco: Craft Anarchist

San Francisco-based sculptor and installation artist Stephanie Syjuco gets away with copyright infringement while making inroads into feminist art.

Theater for beginners: The FN guide to the stage

Thinking of something new to try this year? Expand your cultural horizons and check out the local theater scene.