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Cool Contemporary Style: Luxe Asia

This urban-Asian bachelor pad is a haven from the rush of metro living.

Eclectic Asian Style: Keeping Up With The Times

A family home undergoes a transformation that celebrates the whimsy and color of Asian culture

Pinoy Eclectic Style: Art House

Sculptures, and culture take center stage in this contemporary take on the Filipino home

Modern Asian Style: A Clean, Well-Lighted Place

This family home offers a cool, elegant take on tropical architecture.

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Casual Country Style: More than Mediterranean

Simple, airy, and comfortable, this Mediterranean home proves the old adage "less is more"

Cool Contemporary Style: Fresh Oriental Flair

Oriental accents and splashes of cool peppermint decorate this simple but spacious townhouse.

Cool Contemporary Style: Linear Equation

Vertical and horizontal lines take on a quiet, masculine demeanor in this urban space.

Cool Contemporary Style: A Beautiful Balance

A four-bedroom townhouse gets updated into the perfect space that's clean-lined yet stylish.

Traditional Filipino Style: Past Meets Present in this Vigan Home

Some present-day pizzazz is injected into this bahay-na-bato.

Pinoy Eclectic Style: Dog-Friendly Decor

Old world interiors and fancy murals are an elegant foil for a house designed for the people--and the canines--who would live in it.

Cool Contemporary Style: A Perfect Combination

Unexpected color combinations give this condo unit a distinct look and an intimate atmosphere

Cool Contemporary Style: Modern with an Asian Twist

This two-storey house comes together as the perfect home for a young family.

Cool Contemporary Style: A Cozy, Colorful Condo

Living large in a small space is a challenge well met in this real home.

Modern Asian Style: Clean, Classy Comfort

This out-of-town home is close enough to the city for convenience, and far enough from the rat race for spectacular views and that country-fresh air.

Pinoy Eclectic Style: Back to Basics

This simple house gives the best provincial life has to offer--with a few surprising Filipiniana touches.

Eclectic Asian Style: Cultural Mix

Tales of the Orient and more come to life in this diminutive but daring space.

Casual Country Style: Comfortable Condo

Condo living breaks barriers with repurposed secondhand finds that come together to create a relaxed home.