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Animal Lovers to Protest Serendra's "Passive Discouragement" of Caring for Community Cats

Serendra has not sent a representative to speak with CARA Welfare Philippines, the Taguig Veterinary Office, and the Taguig City Government, despite several invitations to meet.

Animal Welfare Group Calls Out Barangay Officials for "Oplan 'Dog'Hang" Image

Pet homelessness should be addressed through education and humane spay-neuter projects.

Save the Puppies by Watching this Cute Video!

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A Peek inside the Only Sloth Orphanage in the World

This sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica is the home of over 100 of the animal kingdom's most mellow creatures.

CARA Philippines Urges People to Think of Homeless Pets on Mother's Day

The animal welfare organization urges everyone to donate, sponsor, or adopt in the hope of giving some fur babies a home for Mother's Day.

Nita Hontiveros-Lichauco: Creature Comforter

PAWS president Nita Hontiveros-Lichauco fights for the underdog--literally!--as she pushes animal welfare and anti-cruelty laws.