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Extreme Fear of Gaining Weight Common among Teens

Watching your weight to stay healthy is okay, but being obsessed about it may have serious repercussions.

Staying Up Late May Affect the Emotional and Mental Growth of Teens

Parents should encourage their children to sleep early for better academic and emotional development.

Adolescents May Mimic Negative Relationship Qualities of Mothers, Says Study

The way you interact with other people may become your children's basis for relating with their friends.

Caffeinated Drinks May Slow Down Brain Development in Young Adults

Children and teens should lessen their caffeine intake in order to promote deep sleep and mental development.

The Camp Gyno

Change the way your daughters think about their periods with their innovative commercial!

Keep Small Magnets Out of Young Children's Reach, Study Says

Parents should be more vigilant about what their children put in their mouth and nose, as researchers say that ingestion of small objects, such as magnets, may cause serious injuries.

Family and Faculty Support May Help Teens Battle Sleep Problems and Depression

Letting your kids know that they are loved may help them grow up well-adjusted.

Materialism Prevalent in Today's Youth, Says Study

Researchers add that teens value acquiring material goods over diligence and hard work.

Parental Involvement May Prevent Alcohol and Drug Abuse in Children

Staying in your child's life during her crucial growing-up years can help her make the right decisions.

Dancing May Help Adolescents Internalize Their Problems

A new study shows dancing to be a therapeutic solution for young girls dealing with depression.

Processing Fear May Be Difficult for Adolescents

A new study shows that a traumatic experience may haunt your teenagers longer than you think it would.

Study Explains Reckless Behavior in Teenagers

A new study explains why adolescents enjoy doing crazy things.

Get Your Tweens and Teens to Take Vitamins to Boost Physical Performance

Regular intake of iron and vitamins can boost an adolescent's physical performance, according to a recent study.