There are good dates, there are "just okay" dates, and there are "can-I-just-delete-this-from-my-memory" nightmares. So for this week’s #FNAsks, we asked ladies to share their worst Valentine's date ever. If you’re up to the challenge of reading some of these cringe-worthy moments, I salute you. And don't say we didn't warn you...


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1. Text and Run

“A couple of years ago, my friend set me up with her former officemate. The guy added me on Facebook and we sort of chatted for probably two weeks. We were able to have a few conversations online. He sounded normal and my friend vouched for him, [saying] that he was a good guy. He was also so eager to meet me as he kept on bugging me all through out the week for a date. So after that, we agreed to have dinner in a resto in Shangrila Mandaluyong.


"First and foremost, he was late. [And it only got worse from there.] During our dinner, he barely asked me anything. I was the one who kept on initiating conversation. What irked me the most was he kept on texting and calling his friend IN FRONT of me. The last straw that made me storm out of the resto was when I heard him say over the phone "Pre, kita tayo later, malapit na matapos ito. I said afterwards, I am done with the dinner and to hell with him and walked out.

"He ran after me and apologized and I said to him—if you found me really unattractive, you should have at least had the courtesy to put down your phone and tell it straight to my face... He said he was nervous and that this was his first time to date after so many years (he recently broke up with his long-time GF). I told him that this was the worst date I've [ever been on] and that he made me [feel like] the ugliest woman on the planet. I hailed a taxi then went straight to my friend’s apartment. He kept on texting me, apologizing, but I did not answer him anymore. The next morning, I deleted him from Facebook.” – Girltalker mimiku


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2. The Too Soon Date

“Two weeks before Valentine's Day, a guy whom I met through a common friend asked me kung puwede daw ba ako ang date niya sa Valentine's Day. Akala ko naman nung una nagbibiro lang. Kasi I just met him. I barely knew him. Parang less than a month pa lang kami nagkakilala.

"Then nung malapit na Valentine's Day, inaasar namin common friend namin na walang date. This guy [then made a joke about how] mabuti pa siya, may date na, at ako raw 'yun. Ako naman sinakyan ko lang, thinking na baka joke lang talaga. I was so naive then.

"Pagsapit ng Valentine's Day mismo, he texted me kung saan daw kami magdi-date. I was surprised. So he really meant it when he asked me out. Ako naman naiilang because 'di ko pa siya lubusang kilala. Pero since single naman kami both at wala naman kaming naapakang ibang tao, pinagbigyan ko na lang. We agreed to have dinner after my class. Iniisip ko na lang "friendly date."


"Habang nagdi-dinner kami, that's when the guy asked me if puwede raw ba siya manligaw. Gulat na gulat ako... Halos one month ko pa lang siya kilala tapos ganun na. Ang naive ko at hindi ko nahalatang type niya pala talaga ako.

"Ilang weeks ko siya iniwasan after that night.” – Girltalker young_maiden

3. Out Of Place

"Sa second date namin, akala ko kami lang pero 'yun pala may in-invite siyang two girl friends niya. Then halos 'di ako makakain while they were making kuwento (more like bragging) about shopping and their latest travels abroad. Then they were asking me if nakapag-travel na raw ba ako abroad. Oo naman, 'yun nga lang Asian countries lang, unlike them na "sa Europe daw sila lagi nagta-travel." Then panay piga pa sila sakin ng kung ano-ano, na-realize ko lang pag-uwi ko na parang naghahanap ng way para ipahiya ako. [It felt like] sinadya na isama 'yung girls para kilatisin or gisahin ako...


"Nainis ako at dinedma siya ng ilang araw after the date, then inaway-away niya ako sa mail kasi 'di ko sya nirereplyan. Then he warned me na kung 'di ako sasagot e hinding-hindi na raw siya magpaparamdam sakin ever again after that last mail. Then 'di ko nga nireplayan. After that, wala na talaga, hindi na sya nagparamdam. Good riddance. – Girltalker hushhush

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4. Careless Whispers

I [went on a] date with this guy... Inaya niya ako sa clubhouse pool nila. Iyon 'yung informal first date namin na andoon 'yung friends niya pero kami 'yung magkasama the entire time. Then biglang dating 'yung brothers niya. Tinawag niya friends and brothers niya nung kakain natapos biglang bumulong brother niya:

"Tol siya ba 'yun? Akala ko si (insert my friend's name) 'yung ka-date mo?"

"Oo nga, si (insert my friend's name) din ine-expect ko," said the other brother.

Tapos awkward kasi nakatingin na 'yung ibang friends niya. Nagpaalam talaga ako agad nu'n kahit tanghaling tapat. Sobrang nakakahiya at awkward lang... Hay! Memories! – Girltalker airish_2


5. No-Budget Dates

The worst for me is a date with a chat mate from way back in college. Umpisa, sa fare okay lang ako nagbayad. Tapos eto na kainan na, ang daming order then he approached me saying, "Bayad ka na!" Shocked ako, ang kapal ng mukha, grabe naman to! After that, 'di na ako nag reply sa mga messages, sobrang off talaga sakin nung ganun. Natatawa na lang ako pag naiisip ko. – Girltalker Miss Granger

How about you? Got your fair share of awkward dates? We’d love to hear about them at our Girltalk forum.

*Minor edits have been made by the editors for clarity.

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