In my 20s, after a particularly debilitating breakup, my best friend rushed to my house to bring over a DVD copy of One More Chance. "For your heart," she said gravely.

We bawled until my sister knocked on the door to ask if we were performing an ancient ritual to get rid of bad spirits.

I’m in my early 30s now and I, without exaggeration, have seen this movie approximately 30 times. You can blame it on my eternal and undying love for John Lloyd Cruz (whose chin I promised to lick should we ever cross paths just so I can tell my grandchildren about it). I know at least a dozen people who have done the same. Over dinner parties, we dissect this movie to shreds. There are debates on whether you are a Popoy or a Basha (or even a Chino). Something about One More Chance spoke to all of us at a particular time in our lives. Those who say otherwise are either made of asbestos or are big fat liars.

Fast forward to November 2015, and I find myself sniffling through a plate of pasta (I came prepared) in a movie house with other fans who willingly want to see Popoy and Basha wreck their insides again.

Devoid of any spoilers, here are reasons why you should watch A Second Chance.

1. Because Popoy and Basha have grown up, just like you.

The plot happens mainly in the year 2013, about seven years after the couple’s wedding. You get to see Popoy and Basha play man and wife with such authenticity that you almost want to ask them for a link to their wedding same-day edit.

Bonus: The opening sequence actually IS their same-day edit. How millennial is that.

2. Because Chino (Janus del Prado) is the friend we all want to have.

No, this is not because we might have that friend who is keen on drinking a bottle of shampoo after his girlfriend breaks his heart. Chino injects fun into every situation, and makes beers at convenience stores sound like a great idea.

Bonus: He will tell you if pinaglihi ka sa kalan.

3. Because we all want a Krizzy (Dimples Romana).

Ah yes, Krizzy. The girl who picks Basha up when her car breaks down in the first movie. Grown-up Krizzy is just as kind and soft-spoken seven years later. Ideally, your posse would have one: stable, steadfast, perpetually half-smiling. (I did an audit of my own group of friends to check if I had one in my life.)

Bonus: Her visually impaired husband’s outfits are refreshingly on fleek, for someone who can’t see color. Four for you, Krizzy. You go, Krizzy.

4. Because you won’t hear that poem again.
You know the one. It starts with "I love you, and I will tell you every day…"

Bonus: The writer can recite this entire poem in its original accent. Please contact her if you want to hear it. Until it horts.

5. Because you will be assured that some friends are forever (and ever!)
One of the best things about A Second Chance is the increased airtime of every member of their gang. Yes, they still meet at Bellini’s. Yes, you will still wonder why they never seem to run out of parking spaces in Cubao X.

Bonus: This time, no Mark Gineza (Derek Ramsey) will arrive in a beret and ruin dinner.

6. Because you will realize the importance of online banking.
Seriously. Popoy and Basha, there are ways to pay your electric bill. Lesson learned: do it online.

Bonus: You will feel superior if you actually pay for your bills online. How responsible of you.

7. Because John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo are incredible.

Hands down, the whole reason why this movie works is their tandem. Their chemistry is so electric, you'll want to check if your phone is still fully charged after the movie.

Bonus: John Lloyd Cruz can make you cry with just a phone call, just as Bea can make you sniffle by just painting a wall. Literally.

8. Because you know you want to.

I mean, c’mon. Are you still denying that you love Popoy and Basha? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?


SCREENCAP: A Second Chance/Star Cinema (2015)

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