There's something irresistible about guys who love to travel. Aside from the fact that most of them have a lot of "life experience," here are several other reasons why you should totally date someone who's been there and done that.

1. Well-traveled people aren't afraid to try new things.

Have you ever tasted Palawan's famous mangrove worms called tamilok? It's highly possible that the jet-setter you're dating already has. Well-traveled people aren't afraid to take risks, whether it's as simple as chowing on an exotic delicacy or as heart-stopping as jumping off a cliff. This outgoing nature also cascades to other things such as family and career, which can definitely make any relationship exciting.

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2. Their insatiable sense of wonder rubs off you.
You may not be that excited by the thought of climbing a mountain, but when the person you're with paints a beautiful picture of what awaits you at the summit and has a perpetual sense of awe for what's around him, then it's almost impossible not to buck up, keep trekking, and see the world through his eyes.

3. They're confident enough to ask questions.
Asking around is pretty important for travelers, since it's through communicating with locals that they get to learn about the culture and history of their destination, as well about the location of important facilities such as embassies, hospitals and police stations. This means that if you're dating a traveler, you'll never have that stereotypical argument about him not wanting to ask for directions, which is pretty refreshing.

4. They instinctively know their way around destinations.
Well-traveled people have a unique knack for somehow knowing their way around places, despite not being there for long or being there for the first time. It's like they have this inborn GPS that hones in on the best places to eat or visit. If you're with trooper, you never need to worry about getting lost, because for him, "lost" is synonymous to "getting to know a new place."

5. They know how to respect other people's way of living.
Well-traveled individuals have been around enough to respect cultural and lifestyle differences. They find that issues raised by some people about "controversial" things such as race, religion, and gender are trivial, and they believe that instead of wasting their time debating about these, they're better off exploring new places and new ways of living.

6. They're independent.
Independence is something that those who have fallen in love with the road truly value. They can't be forced to stay put; they go where they will when they think it's time. Some women find this frightening, but the key to being with a traveler is to help him find independence in you. The knowledge that he can be himself and that you can be happy on your own even without him is powerful, not only for him, but also for you.

7. They know how to adapt to change.
As the old adage goes, change is a part of life, and those bitten by the travel bug are probably the people who are best at adapting to it. They go with the flow. They aren't bothered much when things don't go their way as they know that there's something better up ahead. If you're with a well-traveled person, you'll soon realize that knowing when to roll with the punches is a good way to live life.

8. They value the simple things in life.
A well-traveled person is someone who can appreciate having a date at the isawan in your former university. They're not easily impressed by ostentatious displays of affection: They value more the simple gestures of love, and they're masters at making the mundane special. You'll never lack sweet moments when dating a traveler; in fact you'll probably have an entire box of memorabilia of your time together.

9. They know when and how to let go.
As globetrotters know how to accept change, so do they know when to stay and when to go. These people understand when the journey has gone for far too long; you'll never experience having "the crazy ex" when you've stayed with and decided to end things with a traveler. However, in his leaving, you'll probably understand more about life than you thought you would, and realize that he has shared so much with you. You, in turn, will learn to appreciate your own journey.

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