Has your Facebook feed been taken over by friends’ lovey-dovey status updates these last couple of days? That's because they're really in love, well, at least, according to a study featured in The Huffington Post UK.

Couples who express their love for each other on social media are reportedly more likely to be satisfied in their relationship than those who don’t. “Posting about one’s relationship on Facebook may be positively related to the quality of the relationship because it symbolises making a public commitment to the relationship,” writes lead author Mai-Ly Steers. “An individual is highlighting to themselves and to others that the relationship is an integral part of his or her self.”

Of course, there’s still such a thing as oversharing. If you see a post that’s a little TMI for your tastes, scroll down and move on. But be happy for your friends and know that the onslaught of romantic posts is not just the universe’s way of ostracizing you and the rest of the still-single community. In the meantime, don’t feel too bad about your single status. There are many reasons why it’s great to be single. Here are a few to start with!

You don’t have to answer to anybody.

Save for your boss who pays you and your mom who carried you in her womb for nine months, you don’t have to report to anybody. You can go out with your friends until the wee hours of the morning or choose to spend your weekends lazing about at home, catching up on Agent Carter, Scandal, or Grimm, and no one will complain.

You can work as hard as you want.
Balancing your professional and personal life is not easy. Sometimes, one has to take the backseat for the other. But without a man to nag you about coming home for dinner or spending too much time at the office, you’re free to focus on your career and climb up the corporate ladder fast. By the time you find someone you’re really interested in having a relationship with, you’ll be quite the catch, having already established a name for yourself in your industry.

You spend for yourself.
When you’re in a relationship, a big chunk of your salary goes to dates, movies, and presents. But because you’re single, you’re free to spend your hard-earned cash on yourself. No more hiding those shopping bags or tolerating disapproving looks.

PHOTO: The Other Woman/20th Century Fox Film Corporation (2014)

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