Now that we’re officially entering the season of gift-giving, we’re pretty sure that you can’t help but think of what your partner is planning to give you this Christmas. Here, we list down some of the things your man might give you, and decode what they really mean. Just remember: It’s always that thought that counts.

What it means to you: A set of earrings, an expensive necklace that's perfect for your pretty black dress—these are nice, but then you wonder, "Just when will he give me a ring?!"

What it really means: He adores you. To him, you’re like a queen who deserves to have all the riches this world can offer. If he’s opening up his wallet in order to give you something of significant value, it means that he’s in it for the long run, too.


What it means to you:
You need to change your wardrobe, stat. Clearly, he disapproves of the clothes you wear every time you go out, and he’s hoping his Christmas gift is enough of a clue.

What it really means: He cares about how you look. He wants you to walk the metro as if you’re a supermodel who’s currently on girlfriend duty every time you’re together. He knows you love clothes and fashion, and that adding another awesome dress to your amazing wardrobe would definitely bring a smile to your face.

What it means to you: Is he suggesting that you're getting ugly? Are the wrinkles becoming more visible? Is work stress making you look like a walker from The Walking Dead?

What it really means: He doesn’t want you to spend a fortune for your cosmetics. He’ll gladly buy them for you. He appreciates the time and effort you put in order to beautify yourself. It’s not that you really needed to put a lot anyway. You’re pretty even sans the lipstick, blush, eyeliner, and whatnot.


What it means to you:
You lack sex appeal. If you wear this, it can help turn him on a little bit.

What it really means: You'd better prepare yourself, sexy. He’s thinking of making love to you until the wee hours of the morning.

What it means to you: "Do I smell that bad?"

What it really means: He wants to be intimate. He loves touching and smelling your skin. If he could stay beside you ‘till forever, he’d do it.


What it means to you:
You really should thank his aunt. Those sweets are fresh from the balikbayan boxes she sent, after all. Well, recycled gift or not, it’ll definitely get a zero from you for creativity.

What it really means: There’s just no way he’d miss giving you your favorite guilty pleasure during the Yuletide season. He’s just sweet like that.

What it means to you: So conventional. "May ginawang kasalan ‘to, for sure."

What it really means: Women love flowers. Men have this idea deeply engraved in their brains. Your partner giving you flowers means that he’s being on the safe side of making you happy. Yes, it might lack creativity, but it’s also foolproof.


What it means to you:
"Nanalo ka sa raffle?"

What it really means: He always wants you to stay connected. He’s not contented with just hearing your voice. He also wants to see you face every time you are away.

What it means to you: He’s expecting you to play by the rules of the trade. If he buys you Jordans, you should give him Jordans in return. Good luck with that.

What it really means: He considers you a chick in kicks. He wants you to always feel comfortable, yet fashionable at the same time. He knows how much of a sacrifice it is every time you’re in killer stilettos. Wearing comfy kicks will definitely give your feet a much-deserved break.


What it means to you: Yes, you’re getting fat. Hopefully, those new kicks will get you motivated to go and visit the gym!

What it really means: He’s thinking about your health. He wants you to be physically active, and, well, spend some time exercising as a couple: take trips to the gym, sign up for boxing classes, or even share a morning run.

A well-written love letter

What it means to you:

What it really means: No amount of material things can describe what he really feels for you, especially now that you’re together. He’s a sensitive guy that cares deeply for the memories you create and share. He’s an old-school romantic, so that letter definitely won’t be the last.

A puppy or any kind of pet
What it means to you: "There’s this cute furry fellow licking my toes. I’m still too busy thinking what to name it."

What it really means: He’s showing you that he’s ready for responsibility. He’s telling you to that he’s committed to the relationship, and that he’s confident enough to bring another living thing into your circle. Hopefully, he’ll stick to furred creatures and fish, and not the creepy-crawling exotic kinds.

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