Who could ever forget Basha and Popoy’s love story? They met in college, fell in love, and worked out their differences to keep the relationship alive. I remember watching their first movie, One More Chance, and I must admit, I bawled my eyes out with every hugot line they dropped. That’s why when it was announced that there was going to be a sequel, I was thrilled.

After watching the trailer, however, my shoulders slumped. Watching the couple I admired because of their determination to go through everything together crumble was depressing.

(Spoilers ahead!)

Ever since I was a kid, I thought people who were in long-term relationships had it easier–that they were the ones who could adjust well to their partners since they’ve known them for a long time already. I was wrong. A Second Chance proved that a lot could happen even if you two have been together for some time. While watching the movie, I cringed at every scene. Their love story was supposed to be perfect. They were like a match made in heaven–that was until they tied the knot and things started to go awry.

You'd think that as someone who's not really excited about marriage, who fears that halfway through, either my partner or I would eventually realize that we're not meant for each other, watching the movie would only serve to validate my fears. But while watching Popoy and Basha, I slowly started to understand that it’s not really about being perfect for each other, but about understanding that you and your partner are two totally different people, and that you should embrace that wholeheartedly.

Watching A Second Chance also shed a light on certain issues that were holding me back from pursuing a serious relationship. I learned a lot. Despite everything that has happened to Popoy and Basha, their relationship prevailed–and it’s because of their decision to make things work no matter how tough things get.

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