1JP and Amanda first met at Frisco CrossFit and, naturally, JP wanted to ask the love of his life to marry him where they first met. What Amanda thought was a normal CrossFit class turned out to be the biggest surprise of her life!

During a seven-minute burpee challenge (an exercises Amanda, according to JP, loathes so much), all the 80 CrossFit participants who were in on the secret dropped down on the floor on cue. JP started to dance, making Amanda wonder what crazy antic he was up to. To her complete amazement, he knelt down, pulled out a big, sparkling rock, and asked what could possibly be the most important question of his life. This was one workout that didn't end in tears (well, not the kind that comes from pain, at least) because Amanda said yes!

Watch the whole proposal video here:

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(Screencap courtesy of Jenny Bright via Youtube)

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