I was really happy I met you.

I met you when I was a speaker during your Sunday activities. When I was done speaking in front, you approached me and we became friends. I was seated beside you on the bus on our way to a three-day event.

That's the time I got to know you a lot. You told me stories about your past and your present life and how much you enjoyed the event. Out of nowhere, you asked me if it were okay if someone younger than me would court me. Of course I said no and we both laughed out so hard.

I didn't get the hint yet that time. After the event, we communicated with each other daily. You even called me at night, which was very sweet of you. I was already working and you were still studying inside camp for a not-so-military position.

We were six years apart but that didn't bother you. And since then, I became interested in you, too. You didn't hold your time but I held mine; but you always made it a point to communicate with me.

Last summer, we ate out to dinner when you were on vacation and that's the time we got along more. It was a long night, even if we were only together for almost two hours. But then after that, you went to camp again for military training and we almost lost communication for a month.

It was a hard that time for me since I was already getting used to communicating with you. After your month-long training, you suddenly became cold and until now, I don’t know the reason, but the spark was back again when we met during your Sunday activities.

We talked to each other again daily and shared our joys and even problems. We even stayed late at night talking, since we enjoyed each other's company too much. After that, we began seeing each other again–going out whenever we could. We made good plans for the future and that was what we were holding (or I was holding on), until we got into a fight.

Every week we'd have petty fights, but we made sure to end it before the weekend arrived.

Until we had this big fight that I didn't know would eventually break as apart.

I was mad that time but not to the point of letting you go.

But you let me go. You gave up all of a sudden by writing me a lengthy letter telling me that we would never be together.

I tried to talk to you but I didn't get any response from you anymore. It broke my heart; I was falling in love with you.

It was you I made plans with for my/our future. You would have made the cut.

But then you were the one who cut me off. Cut me off forever.

If only I didn't push you away that hard. If only I went easy on you because of our age difference.

If only I told you earlier what my true feelings were.

If only I made a difference.

To the man who told me age doesn't matter, I want to tell you I love you.

What happened to our plans for the future? What about our plans after your graduation this coming March? I was really excited knowing our plans after that. But nonetheless I want to say thank you.

Thank you for showing that you care and you loved me. I loved you, too. Maybe I loved you more than you loved me.

And goodbye, I won't bother you anymore, I promise. I will forget you now but will not forget that somehow, in my life someone loved me the way you did.

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