It’s not your fault.
If your guy decides to stray away, remember that it’s not your fault–he was the one who chose to break his commitment with you to settle for another. Stop beating yourself over something you didn’t do. If he tries to justify and reason out on why he cheated, then you’re better off without him. Misunderstandings in a relationship are normal, but it should never be the ticket to cheat.

You should give yourself time to heal.
Don’t jump in the dating realm just yet — your heart is still broken. It will take time for it to recover fully. Use your time alone to compose your thoughts and emotions so you can bounce back stronger and better than ever. Trust the process.

It’s okay to seek for support.
Don’t be afraid to cry and lean on your friends and family members. Getting cheated on is not easy to deal with and being surrounded with love and support is one of the best ways to come out of this situation strong.

Licensed psychologist Irena Milentijevic says sharing your experience with people you trust can help you recover. The simple process of identifying and talking about your feelings is very soothing. Studies show that talking about negative feelings can reduce activity in the pain-feeling portion of the brain. Talking to others not only feels good, but also releases opiates, which are natural “pain-killers,” and helps you process and manage the emotions generated by a break-up.

Not all guys are the same.
Once you’ve fully recovered from your heartache and have a few guys asking you out, weigh out the pros and cons of saying “yes” to a date. Give them the benefit of the doubt — not all are cheating skanks. Give yourself and him a chance. If the date goes well, then that’s great. But if not, it’s a lesson learned, or it may even be a funny story you can share with your friends!

You deserve another chance at happiness; don’t let one obstacle hinder you from enjoying the love life you’re meant to experience.

Learn to forgive and forget.
As hard as it seems, choose to forgive your partner even if he cheated. You don’t have to do it right away, though. It will take some time, and you’ll need your friends and family to get through this. Stop the bitterness and be the better person. You’ll find inner peace when you let go of your grudge.

You can survive this.
Yes, you can! It’s going to be a difficult mountain to climb, but you can definitely move on and overcome this heartache. Start a business, go on a trip, or have a girls' night outbefore you know it, you’ve forgotten about it and enjoying life to the fullest. You go, girl!


PHOTO: Flickr Creative Commons/Mr. Pikachu

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