With the sheer number of movies and teleseryes about extramarital affairs these days, it’s starting to seem like marital woes are becoming more and more like a natural occurrence. It’s something that really makes us sad, but that’s how the world works these days, and it sure looks like we have no choice but to roll with it. However, that's not to say that you're left defenseless.

For all the happily married women out there: Do you know what you’re supposed to do if your husband suddenly dies? What should you do if your husband cheats on you? If you don’t know the answers to those questions, you better read up, stat!

1. What should I do if I find out that my husband has been cheating on me?
It’s your right to haul your husband to court if you have evidence that he has been anything but loyal to you. Occasional or a single instance of infidelity goes against R.A. 9262, or violence against women and children, while habitual cheating counts as concubinage. You’ll need solid evidence to back up your allegations though.

2. If my husband dies, do I have any right to his remains?

As long as you remain the legal wife, you’ll always have the right to your late husband’s remains. This doesn’t change whether you’re still blissfully under one roof or if you’ve been living separate lives for decades now.

3. My husband will be working in another country soon, and he wants me to join him abroad. Am I supposed to follow him even if I don’t see any good reason to leave my life here in the Philippines?
If you really don’t want to leave, you can absolutely stay in the Philippines. If he is employed by the government, then you are compelled to join him in whichever country he is assigned.

4. My boss wants to give me a condo unit since I’ve been her PA for two decades now, but my husband doesn’t want me to accept it. What should I do?
Congratulations! But you might have to ask your hubby first for his permission. Article 114 in the Civil Code of the Philippines states that "the wife cannot, without the husband’s consent, acquire any property by gratuitous title, except from her ascendants, descendants, parents-in-law, and collateral relatives within the fourth degree." We’re sure your husband will be supportive, but it’s better to be safe than sorry!

5. My husband wants me to stop working full-time and be a housewife instead, but I love my job! Should I quit?
News flash: It’s 2015! You can dabble in absolutely any profession or business you want. Unless, of course, you’re doing something illegal (We’d be behind your husband too if you’re pulling a Walter White!) However, your husband can also object if his salary is more than enough to provide for your family’s needs according to your social standing.

6. My husband and I haven’t separated yet, but my child and I are already living apart from him. However, he doesn’t want to contribute child support in any way. Is there anything I can do to force him to pay up?
Under the Family Code, all parents should support their kids, legitimate or not. You can actually sue him if he refuses to give child support as long as the kid needs it.

7. My ex-husband agreed to provide support for our child when we split two years ago, but he has stopped contributing last year and my situation is really taking a toll on my finances. Is there a way for me to run after him?
Since your husband agreed to contribute, you can file an action in court against him. If you win the case (and you most likely will, especially if your agreement has legal basis), the court will order the guy to pay every single centavo that he missed.

8. My husband and I are annulling our marriage, but he is demanding for more than half of our conjugal properties since he’s the main breadwinner between us. We don’t have any kids. How is this supposed to work?
Unless you signed a prenuptial agreement, you will always have a legal right to half of your conjugal properties, as you’ll see in Section 6, article 102, paragraph 4 of the Family Code. Talk it out with your hubby first before agreeing to anything.

9. My children are living with my estranged husband, who doesn’t want to let me anywhere near them even if I’ve been nothing but a good mother and a patient wife. Should I risk filing for visitation rights?
Yes. The court will grant it to you unless your husband can prove that your visits will not do anything harmful for your children.

10. My husband used to be the sweetest guy on earth, but he has since turned into a controlling, physically abusive man. Is there a way to escape him?
File for a protection under R.A. 9262! That’s the Anti-Violence Against Women and their Children Act, and it should protect you, along with any kids you have, against abuse done by your partner. Once the order is in place, your husband is legally compelled to stay away from you and your family.

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