Feeling harassed in your own home? The key to making your home life better is to inject some fun into your everyday routines which can get boring and tiresome. Here are eight tweaks you can do to transform your home life:

1. Turn chores into challenges

Smaller kids will like receiving the Best Table-Setter Award, while older kids can be teamed up into tag-team challenges like Wash-and-Dry. The kids have fun, you get extra help and you all end up with a clean house!

2. Add the new and improved Tang to a glass of plain water

Every meal comes alive when you add the new and improved Tang to water! Watch it transform your drink with color and the real fruit taste of Orange, Mango and Pineapple that kids love! Making your kids happy is that simple so enjoy a glass today!

3. Be a part of your kid’s playtime


Remember that your kids won’t stay little forever so you have to make the most of the time you spend with them. Join them during their afternoon play time and devise different games to keep them entertained and also to discourage them from spending too much time on video games or apps. Organize a treasure hunt inside your house with sweet treats or even small toys as treasures. You can also have a roleplaying game with them or utilize board games that develop strategy skills and critical thinking.

4. Establish a No Gadgets Rule during Mealtimes

Make meal times more meaningful by ensuring that the whole family sits together at the gadget-free dinner table. Having no gadgets to distract enables everyone to actually talk to each other and turns these meals into sacred family time.

5. Make reading time more fun for your kids

Encouraging your kids to like reading is a tedious task since most kids would rather play video games or watch TV. To make reading more interesting, wear costumes during the story telling part. You can also let them wear costumes of their own so that they’ll feel that they’re a part of the story. Making the costumes and props is also a major bonding moment for mom and kids!

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6. Set themed weekly dates with the family

No matter how busy you get, as a mom, you know how important it is to make time for bonding with your kids and the family. Make this time extra fun by coming up with themed dates your family will surely enjoy. Some idea-starters include: Movie Night, Afternoon Pizza Pandesal-making, and Merienda Food Trips—the possibilities for family fun are endless!

7. Put up a fun and interactive family command center

Whether it’s a board in your home’s hallway or notes on the refrigerator, give your family a place where everyone can leave notes, reminders, funny jokes and even letters for each other. You can even put up a calendar for special occasions or your Sunday bonding time schedule or theme. This will be a great and fun way to keep everyone excited for family bonding.

8. Top the day with an exciting bedtime for your kids!


Make bedtime more interesting and exciting by telling a story to your kids as they sleep. Use sock puppets or even their toys to make the story funny and lively. Cut the story telling at the most interesting part so that by the next bedtime, they have something to look forward to.

Looking for more tweaks that you can do at home to make life more colorful and fun? Head to Tang Philippines' Official Facebook page right now! :)

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