How do kids go about partying these days? You may have been a sort of wild child back when you were young, but your experiences may not be the same as your teenage daughter's. Believe it or not, kids these days could easily access alcohol--or even drugs--through friends and acquaintances, and they may find themselves getting addicted to certain vices without being fully aware of their dire consequences.

Take, for example, 19-year-old*Jade, who went to a party extremely drunk. She was with her friend *Sarah, who was assigned to take care of her. "The place was packed to the rafters and before we knew it, we were surrounded by a group of guys. Sarah knew some of them personally, so I left her and went to the bathroom. By the time I got back, she was gone," Jade relates.

Unsure of what to do in her intoxicated state, Jade called a friend to help her locate Sarah. "We couldn't find her, so my friend brought me to another area to sober up. A couple of hours later, Sarah's mom called to tell me they found her lying unconscious on the street," Jade shares.

Panicking, Jade rushed to Sarah's house to find her best friend dead to the world, with her clothes torn and valuables missing. Sarah's parents screamed at Jade, blaming her for not taking care of Sarah, seeing as she was the only one with her.

To this day, neither Jade nor Sarah knows what really happened during her unconscious hours--whether she was robbed, raped, or both. Sarah's parents blamed Jade for what happened, and the childhood best friends are no longer on speaking terms.

Help your kids avoid these partying pitfalls and other horror stories by arming them with useful infromation and advice: How can they say no? What are the things they need to know? How could they avoid such situations?

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(First published as The Candy Girl's Guide to Partying. Words by Joanna Kennedy and Chandra Pepino. Adapted for use in Female Network.)

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