You can be smart, beautiful, and sexy, but your man can still cheat on you. Case in point: In a recent magazine interview, Jennifer Lopez herself opens up about what it’s like to be cheated on:

“It's about realizing it's not about you,” she says. “When someone cheats on you, it's about them…about their shortcomings. It makes it feel like it's about our shortcomings, like there was something wrong with us... but the truth is, that it's really their ego, and what they need to fill within themselves that drives them to do things like that. Not because you weren't enough.”

Subconsciously, you probably already know this—yes, there’s a J. Lo in all of us—but when the wound is still fresh, it can be difficult to see reason. In fact, you’re probably tempted to go after your guy like a mad, raving lunatic. Stop. J.Lo would probably not approve.
According to Psychology Today, “You should never put yourself in a situation with a cheater where you look like the crazy person, because you’d be throwing yourself under the bus and distracting everyone from the fact that what the cheater did was wrong. Though it’s never easy to walk away, it’s better to leave with your integrity than to end a relationship adrift in a sea of self-doubt and paranoia.”

Think your guy might be hooking up with someone else? Here are some stories you should read today!

Affair-Proof Your Marriage

“Communicating does not mean simply waiting for the other person to stop talking so that you can speak,” says sex and relationship expert Tammy Nelson. “It means having regular, open dialogues and sharing your feelings.”

10 Reasons Men Cheat, According to Our GIRLTalkers
Sabi ng guy friend ko na chickboy… Masarap daw kasi ang bawal... May excitement at thrill... May adrenaline rush kumbaga... Once na-feel mo eh very addicting na daw...”

10 Ways to Catch a Cheater

“Lying is basically the core of cheating. If you are good at sniffing out a liar then it would be easy for you to spot a cheater.”

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