Spanking has always been controversial. A new study featured on Science Daily adds another reason why.

Researcher Murray Straus, co-director of the University of New Hampshire Family Research Lab, analyzed the criminality trends of 11,408 university students from 15 different countries.

He found that those who were spanked when they were young, regardless of whether it was done by loving parents, may be more likely to become lawbreakers when they reach college age. Those who were spanked by both parents are found to be the most at risk.

“Children need lots guidance and correction, but not by being physically attacked under the euphemism of 'spanking,'” Straus said.

If spanking has always been your first resort, try to consider other approaches to child discipline. Patiently explain to your kids what they did wrong and make them understand how their actions could affect other people. Consulting other parents may also help you better process your children's behavior.

(Photo by Ibrahim Iujaz via Flickr Creative Commons)

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