Maybe you've tried all the latest restaurants. Perhaps the movies that are out don't really interest you. Maybe you don't want to compete for a table or a parking slot. Perhaps it's payday Friday and traffic is just terrible. The truth is, there are times when going out is not really worth the hassle. Still, many people dismiss stay-at-home dates as humdrum and cheap. But that doesn't have to be true. With our suggestions for stay-in dates, spending time at home and saving money in the process has never been more enjoyable.

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15 Stay-At-Home Date Idea

by Lady May Martinez

Bring out your inner homebody with these date tips that will make you want to stay at home more often with your man.

Maybe you've tried all the latest restaurants. Or perhaps the movies that are out do not really interest you. Maybe you don't want to compete for a table or a parking slot. Perhaps it's pay day Friday when traffic is horrific. There are times when going out is not really worth the hassle. What do you do? Have a date at home! With our suggestions on at-home dates, spending time at home and saving money in the process, was never as enjoyable.

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1. Bake Night

Baking is a meticulous and highly exact process – something that the two of you can work together on as a team. Choose a recipe that you would like to try out and spend the evening helping each other bring this dessert fantasy into a reality. The reward? Enjoying your creation and teasing each other about your culinary prowess or lack thereof.

2. Karaoke Time

Why pay for an expensive room for the privilege of singing off-key for an hour or so? If either of you owns a karaoke machine, then perfect, if not, borrow from someone who has. Over drinks and pika pika, you and your man can sing your favorite karaoke tunes to your heart's content. But don't forget to take turns.

3. Home service massage

This would especially be perfect after a tiring work week. Make sure to eat well in advance and set up your home for this massage experience. Lie on your back, if possible side by side and and let all your cares melt away for the evening. What's great is you can fall right asleep after the massage,


4. Video Game Night

Give your man a chance to be a little boy again and play his favorite video games with him. Tell him to not go easy on you just because you're a girl, and give the game your best effort. The best thing about it is that you at least make an effort to take an interest in what your man loves, and maybe even find yourself having fun in the process.

5. Life Lists Lunch

Over takeout food for lunch and, quiz each other on your lists of anything and everything. It would be good to come to the date ready with several lists that you would like to share with each other. For example, “Top 5 jobs I Would Really Rather Be Doing.” Or, “Top 10 Movie Endings of All Time.” You'll have a splendid time arguing and agreeing with each others' choices!

6. Under the stars


Whether it's in the lanai, or on the rooftop, or even on a small patch of grass in their lawn, set-up a dining table or a picnic blanket and eat sandwiches, a salad, and some dessert under a star-strewn sky. The tricky part about this is setting when the date will actually take place – make sure it's a cool enough night and with a cloudless forecast, to be able to make the most out of the experience.

7. Board game Night

Kick it back old school and bring out all the old board games. Whether it's Monopoly or Scrabble, have a grand time playing something that doesn't involve a touch screen. For added fun, agree on a prize beforehand so that you will both be playing to win.

8. Film Festival Under A Blanket

Decide on a theme for your movie night. Will it be Oscar winning pictures? B movies? Indie films? Cuddle under a blanket and snack on some popcorn, and have your very own film festival right in the comfort of your own home.


9. Couples Charades

This date requires the company of another couple friend of yours. Set up a corner of your home and lay down the ground rules. You're in for a long, competitive, hilarious evening.

10. Wine and cheese night

Inject a little class into your evening – though you will only be at home, put on some exquisite piano tunes, dress to the nines and dine on some cheese and wine. Talk about refined matters like art and culture and literature. It will be a five-star experience not easily forgotten.

11. Browse through old albums

First off, prepare favorite dishes from childhood. As you eat your meal, go through each others' old albums and swap favorite childhood tales and experiences. Get to know your five, 10, 15 year old selves and have a grand time doing so.

12. Breakfast in bed

Go over to your man's house early and have breakfast in bed together. Whether it's a take-out from a fast food chain or your own specially prepared Continental breakfast, cuddle under the sheets and take your sweet time consuming the most important meal of the day.


13. Watch a sports event

Whether it's the collegiate games, the U.S. Open or a championship football match, catch it together with your man. Eat stadium food like hotdogs, popcorn and pizza. Wear your team's jerseys or caps and cheer wildly when they score.

14. Babysit for a friend

This is a good deed and an eye-opener date in one. Volunteer to watch the child of a friend for the evening and plan silly games and fun activities to play with the kid or kids. Get to know how both of you relate to children and what your strong and weak points are.

15. Blackout Night

Turn off all the lights and electricity and have dinner by candlelight. No checking of phones or laptops, really take the time to be with each other in the moment, without any distractions. Come up with creative ways to have a good time even without gadgets or TV.

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