There’s a thin line between love and possessiveness. Dating an overprotective guy who constantly checks up on you may seem romantic at first, but if he starts taking control over your schedule and life decisions, you might want to think twice about pursuing a relationship with him. Here are early signs to look out for.

He gets mad over the simplest things.

When you don't pick up the phone or if your line is busy, you can bet that he'll raise hell over it. The worst part? He may even accuse you of doing something behind his back.

You always have to ask permission.

Whether you want to go out with your friends or try out something new, he always has to know first. Even though you two are just hanging out, you sense his urge to control and dominate the decisions you make in life. FYI: This controlling behavior is often disguised as concern.

He constantly monitors you.
He wants to know where you are, whom you’re with, and what time you’ll be home, and no matter how honest you are with him, he doesn’t seem to believe you.

He feels jealous of all your male friends.

Your boyfriend may see your male friends or co-workers as competition and will do his best to get you to stay away from them. He'll even forbid you to hang out with them sooner or later.

He isolates you from your friends and family.
When he starts to cut off your ties with your loved ones, he may be trying to isolate you so that you would remain dependent on him. He'll probably urge you to just stay at home–with him.

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