The honeymoon phase of a relationship is always intoxicating. Everything is new and exciting because you and your man don’t know everything about each other yet and therefore, can’t get enough of each other. Every date is perfect, every Viber message a must-save.

If only this feeling would never end.

But according to Gigi Engle of Elite Daily, it does and it will. The more time you spend with each other, the more you’ll realize that your new man isn’t perfect and that he, like all the men that came before him, is capable of doing irresponsible and unforgiveable things. In fact, she makes a strong case for why everyone should become a perpetual honeymoon phase dater.

First of all, infatuation is one the most powerful feelings in the world. “It’s very much like being on drugs. You’re so incredibly high on this new, exciting feeling,” she writes. Then there’s the fact that he will never be as beautiful as he is now.

But of course, moving forward in the right direction, your relationship also becomes more meaningful as a result. You learn to accept (and even love) each other’s shortcomings and, in some cases, even form a connection that defies logic. Besides, having someone whom you can share your life with may render all of his annoying habits null and void.

What do you think, FNites? Are you more likely to be a serial honeymoon phase dater or a one-man woman? Let us know in the comments below!

PHOTO: ioa8320/Pixabay

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