Relationships_101_Part_1_inside.jpgWhen it comes to relationships, do you still find yourself denying that there are things you find yourself wishing for? Modern, independent women should be able to support and take care of themselves as well as face any kind of challenge that comes their way. They try very hard not to be defined by their relationship status or who they are (or aren’t) dating--and that’s the way it should be!

But in the privacy of our homes, we sometimes find ourselves hoping to find that one true love. As old-fashioned as it may seem, even the toughest among us still hopes to be in a loving relationship--to grow old with someone, and to share your life with one person who knows all your faults and flaws and loves you anyway.

This hope is real, this longing is real. It’s not because you’re desperate, and it’s not because you’re weak. It’s simply because you’re human, and this need was encoded into your very essence and blueprint. There’s absolutely nothing wrong that.

And guess what? This new series of articles is for you.


There will be no of quick and easy solutions for various relationship woes in this series. Instead, we will be talking about these topics:

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  • the most common relationship issues that couples face today
  • the useful mindsets you can develop in order to face these issues with grace and calm, and
  • the skills you need in order to break through the obstacles that are keeping you from finding the love you want or deepening the love you already have.

Think of your relationships like driving a car down a dark road. The more confident you are about your vehicle and the more attention you pay to the road, the better your chances at successfully navigating your way. In the end, awareness is the key factor to a winning endeavor.


John and Stasi Eldredge, in their books Wild at Heart and Captivating, assure their readers that wanting the things that we do isn’t wrong.  To paraphrase the combined introduction to both their books, this is what the Eldredges have bravely admitted to finding inside their own hearts, and the hearts of the men and women around them:

Our heart’s desires are more than just unfulfilled dreams and wishes. They are the key to our soul.

Without listening to what is said, look around in your office, your community, your church. Men are punished for being men, and women find no romance except in novels. Their hearts get pushed aside. They are wounded, beaten, buried, and forgotten.

But their hearts are still there.

And sometimes, when the miracle of a truly loving relationship fearlessly allows them to rediscover their childhood dreams, their hearts begin to speak again.

Paying attention to the desires of your heart opens up a world of experiences. Rather than making you feel vulnerable and afraid, welcoming love in your life also means accepting both the good and the bad things that come with it. In this new series, Female Network will try to answer real-life concerns about love relationships and, in the end, show you what a real happily-ever-after is like.


This video is essentially a response to that deeply hidden, painful question in the hearts of many people today: "Will I ever find real love? The kind the lasts?"

Please watch this video, and decide what your answer will be.

(Photo by pedrosimoes7 via Flickr Creative Commons)

Aileen Santos is a certified Relationship Coach who helps single men & women find and keep the love they need. Email her at aileensantos(at) to reserve your slot for her women’s relationship coaching program for women called
“How To Find The Love You Need” this February 13, 2011. You can find out more about her on her Facebook page.

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