A lot will change by the time you reach your 30s–your food choices, the shows you watch, and even how you see love and relationships in general. When you were in your 20s, you probably dreamt of meeting a cute boy who would shower you with love and attention, but now that you’re already 30 (or about to reach that age), your #RelationshipGoals have changed. Read on to see if you can relate.

Your idea of date night may include staying in.
When you were younger, you were energetic and excited to go out and have fun. Now that you’re 30, staying at home with your man and enjoying each other’s company is more important.

The way you resolve your conflicts has changed.
Instead of bickering non-stop, you’ve learned how to read your partner when he’s upset. Both of you try to cool your heads first before sitting down to talk about the issue as calmly as possible. You manage to make amends before the day even ends.

Traveling is on top of your list.
Most young couples aren’t financially stable just yet. But you (hopefully) have a travel fund that you can dip into for those out-of-town trips with your partner. Besides, if you want to really get to know a person, you should try going on a trip with them.

Being comfortable around each other is a no-brainer.
While some are shy to even burp in front of their man, you’re not afraid to wear sweatpants all day or pass gas when he’s around. Also, he’s seen you without any makeup on and still considers you the most beautiful person.

You understand the value of each other's individuality.
Both of you know that you have your own lives to attend to. You don’t want to lose yourself trying to love someone else. When you’re 30, your relationship goals become more mature–you’re not too attached to your partner but you share a bond that’s unbreakable.

You think of your future together.
And it's not just the whimsical, idealistic kind–you and your man write down your dreams and come up with a plan on how to achieve them. You have a legit timeline!


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