1. In any relationship, the woman always calls the shots.
When a man keeps you on hold and you hate it, you can make it stop by MAKING HIM STOP. Leave if you're unhappy and stay if you think you can still live with the situation.

2. He is forever beholden that you accepted him in your life.
He is a jerk if he asks you to prove his love for him. He is even more of a jerk when he thinks popping the question is a gift from him to you. Again, hija, sino ba ang nanligaw? It was him, right? So why does it appear that a marriage proposal is a favor you are asking from him?

3. Never ever let your rights become mere privileges.
You deserve to be treated like top priority. If you find yourself asking for an apppointment from your man for some quality time, don't settle. You deserve better.

4. You can't read his mind. You ain't got no crystal ball.
When a guy is playing mind games, ignore his moves or play it smart. But I must remind you that guessing games lead to waiting games. Uncertainty sucks. Waiting sucks.

5. Is he pulling your strings like a puppet? You know what to pull, don't you?
Pull the plug. You are a human being with your own free will. You deserve more than that.

6. If he keeps on skirting around the issue, by all meanslet him wear the skirt!
If your man refuses to face the music, you really need to wear the pants and take control of the situation. Talk to him and make him understand. Be wary of how you talk because he might accuse you of nagging. Use a calm and firm voice and lay down your points of discussion.

PHOTO: Pixabay

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