Before you go any further, we must warn you that the contents of this article are NSFW (not safe for work). Read a sentence or two for a few seconds if you must, but if you want to go all the way, make sure that you are relatively alone (or at the very least, no one's hovering behind you). Lock the door, dim the lights (okay, that one might be a bit much), and settle into a comfortable position, as we present to you some of the naughtiest confessions from GIRLTalk:

1. kcjane on Re: Family Secret: Natikman si bayaw/hipag

Ako naman fantasy lang din, bilas ko naman, though I know may hidden desire siya sa akin. How do I know? The way he looked—iba. Tapos may instances na 'nung namatay father-in-law namin sa one room kami lahat natutulog. Nagising nalang ako na may nag-to-touch sa nips ko. How do I know na siya? Kasi nasa dulo ko ng bed nun katabi ko hipag ko, then siya nakayakap sa hipag ko then pasimpleng hawak sa akinNung bumukas pinto bigla niya tinanggal kamay niya sa boobs. Never nalaman ni hubby 'yun.

(Mine is just a fantasy, though I know my brother-in-law has a hidden desire for me. How do I know? He looks at me differently. And then there was this instance when our father-in-law died and we all slept in one room. I suddenly woke up to find that someone was touching my nipples. How do I know it was him? Because my bed was at the end and I was sleeping right next to my sister-in-law; he was hugging her when his hand casually strayed over to touch me. When the door opened, he suddenly removed his hand from my boobs. My hubby never found out.)

2. tipC-shoegal on Re: you enjoy giving head?... THREAD II

I enjoy giving head. I love doing it. I get turned on when my man groans, looks at how I suck, lick and deep throat him 'til he says my name and then some, ahh that's just so hot! Really hot. I get turned on thinking about it even. Hehe...

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(Screencap from True Blood courtesy of HBO)

3. kawen on Re: describe the best sex you've ever had... so far

Hmm, I think the best sex for me so far was months ago. It's been six months na wala akong sex life, and recently it happened with the one I love (my ex whom I haven't seen for YEARS). Shucks, feeling virgin ako. I didn't know what to do; he did almost everything to me. When he entered me, nabaliw ako, tapos ang bilis niyang mag-hump (grabe ano bang nakain nito?!), parang unstoppable, hayyy, nakagat ko na nga siyaGrabe ‘yung feeling ng contentment, being [in] each other's arms after you both [come], then you [hugging] each other so tight sa sobrang pagod at [satisfaction] (MISS). Oh may gawd... Multiple Os?! Naka three rounds kami... Damn! Sana maulit muli... Babawi ako sa kanya. Sarap maging babae... 

And after that mind-blowing sex… He gave me a full body massage.

(I think the best sex for me so far was months ago. It's been six months since I last had sex, and recently it happened with the one I love (my ex, whom I haven’t seen for YEARS). Shucks, I felt like a virgin. I didn’t know what to do; he did almost everything to me. When he entered me, I went crazy and he humped me so quickly (Just what did this guy eat?!), it felt unstoppable, I even accidentally bit him… Wow, that feeling of contentment, being in each other’s arms after you both come, then hugging each other so tight because of exhaustion and satisfaction (and longing). Oh my god… Multiple Os?! We went for three rounds… Damn! I hope it happens again… I’ll make it up to him. It’s great to be a woman.

And after that mind-blowing sex... he gave me a full body massage, it feels so good.)

4. lunast on Re: describe the best sex you've ever had... so far

Last night, before we went to bed, nagpunta kami sa kitchen para ayusin ang mga pinamili namin na groceries. Tapos nauwi sa sex. LOL. Ang sexy lang kasi para kaming scene sa porn movie. Nakaupo ako sa kitchen counter habang naka-wrap ‘yung legs ko around his waist. Afterward, parang jelly ang tuhod ko. Hindi ako makalakad ng maayos. Hehe. My bf is so hot and yummy talaga! I love him so much!

(Last night, before we went to bed, we went to the kitchen to deal with our groceries. It led to sex. LOL. It’s just so sexy because it felt like a movie scene in a porn movie. I was sitting on the kitchen counter while my legs were wrapped around his wasit. Afterward, my knees felt like jelly. I couldn’t walk properly. Hehe. My bf is really so hot and yummy! I love him so much!)

(Screencap from True Blood courtesy of HBO)

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