Have you ever dreamed of being the girlfriend of a famous rock star? It’s a fantasy many women have indulged in, if we’re to go by the track records of people like Steven Tyler or Mick Jagger. And let’s not even mention Adam Levine.

The next book up for review in our new Racy Reads series lets you indulge in these fantasies and then some! Keep reading for steamy details.

TITLE: Backstage Pass
AUTHOR: Olivia Cunning
SERIES: Sinners on Tour
GENRE: Erotic Fiction
PUBLISHER: Sourcebooks Casablanca
eISBN: 9781402244421
PRICE: $8.95 for paperback and $6.50 for Kindle edition on Amazon.com


Brian Sinclair, lead guitarist and song writer for the up and coming rock band the Sinners, has it all—or so it seems. But the truth is, he’s lost his songwriter’s mojo and hasn’t written anything new in months. He needs to find inspiration, fast.

College professor Myrna Evans doesn’t look or act like someone who would hook up with a rock star, but she’s been a Sinners fan for a while, and when she meets the Sinners at a hotel where she’s attending a conference, she throws caution to the wind and approaches them. One thing leads to another and she ends up in a hotel room with Brian, known as Master Sinclair to his fans. But while this psychology prof may dress like a school teacher, she certainly knows her way around the bedroom, not to mention a man’s body—and so she should, considering that her field of study is human sexuality.

What follows is an adventure in sex, love, and rock and roll. Brian helps Myrna, who has been emotionally scarred by a previous relationship, reclaim her confidence and sexuality. Myrna, on the other hand, provides the spark that lights Brian’s creative streak on fire—delighting the band to such an extent that everyone’s on board with the decision to have Myrna come on tour with them.

(Photo courtesy of Sourcebooks Casablanca)


In this novel, Olivia Cunning brings two archetypal fantasy lovers—the rock star and the school teacher—together, and the familiarity of these roles makes it easy for readers to buy into the characters.

Brian Sinclair is amazingly talented, not to mention good- looking, and Cunning is able to infuse his character as well as that of Sedric Lionheart, the band’s front man, with that rock star je ne sais quoi. Brian’s the type of character women fantasize about, someone who is a creative genius and is on top of the world as far as success goes, but who also has something to prove and possesses a vulnerable side he rarely allows others to see.

On the other hand, Myrna is someone female readers may easily relate to. Her previous relationship left scars not on her body, but on her self-esteem. She has hang-ups about her sexuality that many secret readers of erotic fiction may be able to identify with. She has a rich sexual fantasy life, and she knows a lot of moves in theory, but she hasn’t had many opportunities to put those fantasies and theories to use, at least not until she meets Brian.

(Photo courtesy of Sourcebooks Casablanca)

There’s a Cinderella-esque quality to Brian and Myrna’s love affair, and the differences between their worlds will most likely have readers rooting for them. However, while the sex scenes may make this book great bedroom reading, those looking for a fully developed love story may be somewhat disappointed. At times, it is unclear as to when and how the lust and mutual emotional needs of the two main characters turn into love.

While we wouldn’t go so far as to say this book needs more love and less sex, we certainly would have appreciated getting a better perspective on the deepening emotions between Brian and Myrna as well as a more integrated relationship between the plot and the sex scenes.

Still, the characters are likable and mysterious, and we definitely want to know what the future has in store for the other Sinners, so we’re planning to check out the other books in the Sinners on Tour series (Rock Hard and Double Time are already out, and Hot Ticket is scheduled for release on February 5, 2013).

(Photo courtesy of Sourcebooks Casablanca)

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