Have you ever felt the need to share a few personal things after having sex with someone--things you would have never told just anyone? For some odd reason, people seem to have this urge to open up in bed. Well, wonder no more since science says there’s actually an explanation for that feeling of wanting to cuddle and just pour your heart and soul to someone after doing the deed.

According to a feature on Allurea recent study was published in the journal Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin that shows your brain is to blame when it comes to ‘post-coital oversharing.’

The authors of the study did three experiments which all resulted to one conclusion: “just thinking about sex encouraged participants to share more with their conversation partners – an impulse that researchers connect with relationship-building.”

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In other words, sex encourages your brain to become closer with each other and form a strong bond, since sex breeds emotional intimacy.

“Self-disclosure further increases the desire for this partner and fosters relationship development,” says the authors of the study. “Sharing of private aspects of the self with another individual is a well-documented way for adults to increase interpersonal intimacy and enhance relationship formation.” 

That being said, take advantage of pillow talk with your man as an opportunity to strengthen your relationship, and don't be afraid to talk about sex with each other, too! It’s actually a very important topic women typically shy away from but it's healthy to discuss it since it’s something that brings you and your man closer together; other than that, you get to explore your sexuality. 

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Here are other benefits of getting busy under the sheets:

It makes you glow.

The after-sex glow may be true – and it can help your relationship in many ways since “It keeps you and your beau together, meaning the chances of you having sex again is higher.” 

It improves your immune system.

Not only is it beneficial for you beauty-wise, having regular sex with your man can actually help you fight off sicknesses, plus it boosts several aspects of both physical and mental health.

It’s a form of exercise.

When you work out, you boost your heart rate (hello, blood flow!), burn calories, and strengthen your muscles.

Looking for the perfect time to do it? Here's the best time to get busy under the sheets, according to science.

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