If you think that constant fighting and arguing is the number one sign that your relationship is headed for a breakup, you might want to take notes while reading this.

According to a study from The Journal of College Counseling, the number one sign that you should watch out for is contemplation. It's the point where you have thoughts that this relationship just isn't for you or that there's something wrong in your relationship. (via MyDomaine.com)

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While there are several actual stages that happen before the split, contemplation is the crucial stage where one of you starts entertaining the thought of not being in a relationship anymore. From there, other thoughts spring out and other stages occur, like the preparation stage when you're sure that you do want a breakup, the action stage when you're taking actions toward that goal of breaking up with your significant other, and maintenance stage when you'll return the gifts you've given each other.

But there's a twist! The study says that if you stay until the last stage of the breakup, it will be certain that the split is for good. Aww! So if you haven't gone through all of them yet, there is also a possibility for the two of you to get back together.

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