We know that we have a lot of mommy readers here at FN, so we’re very happy that we were able to touch base with some of you this mother’s month. In response to our call for mommy stories, some of you sent us sweet and funny anecdotes, but we also received our share of letters that left us teary-eyed as well. All of them, however, are equally inspiring. Take this touching story from first-time mother Mommy Clarence.

It's one thing to carry your baby for nine months inside your belly, and another to actually have her be so real in front of you. When Clarence gave birth to Cello Gabrielle on December 15, 2011, she was still trying to come to terms to the fact that she was already a mother.

"During those moments of labor, operation, recovery and up until we got home, I remember asking myself 'Am I dreaming?' 'Am I already a mom?' 'Am I going to be a good mother to this child?' and lastly, 'Kaya ko kaya?'" she writes.

"The first question was answered when she began crying out loud; either she was asking for milk, for me to change her nappies, or for me to carry her. I knew then that I was not dreaming."

As the months passed, Clarence settled into her role as a mother. "I saw her first smile, heard her first giggle, her first word, witnessed her first steps and many more." However, she also realized just how much she was missing out because she was taking care of her baby girl. "I don't want to call it a sacrifice because I am happy being with her every single moment." It was then that the young mom had her second question answered. "Being a mom means you also have to think your child first before yourself."

Now that her daughter is 17 months old, Clarence says that she is happy with who she sees her daughter becoming. "But as a mother, I still have to mold her to become a beautiful person inside and out. It is a continuous process. There are a lot of guides and standards on how to be a good mother. However, for me, it is a learning process between you and the child. Most importantly, love and faith toward your child is all that matters. Without love, all the things that you do for a child will be senseless. Without faith, you will never know and appreciate the capabilities your child has as a person."

Despite her newfound confidence, Clarence admits that she still has a lot more to learn about becoming a mother. "If my daughter is going to read this few years from now, I would like to tell her how much love I have for her. Even this article is not enough to show how much I love her, and that I will be there for her every step of the way."

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(Photos courtesy of Mommy Clarence)

Rebels to the Laws of the Household

I have rebels in the house. They are complete deviants, as they do not follow The Laws of Mommy. Here is a list of a few Household Laws that are completely disregarded:

1. Chairs and couches are for sitting.
Chairs become trains, cars, or any other object that is not meant for sitting. Perhaps a couch isn’t comfortable enough that they have to sit on the armrest or pile boxes in front of the TV and sit on them. Who needs couches?

2. No graffiti on the walls.
We have papers, notebooks, and coloring books, but they seem unfit for their works of art, so they write and draw on our walls. Lines and circles and weird creatures are scrawled all over the house walls. No area is spared.

3. Do not defy gravity.
Our floor is not wide enough for dancing and jumping around, so they climb on tables and countertops to perform. The higher they get, the more animated their actions become.

4. The television is an electric operated appliance; keep distance (the TV is not a food, not a toy, and most of all, you cannot edit the images projected on-screen). The television is not engaging enough for my kids, so they hug it and lick the screen. They also add characters in the movies they watch by drawing on the TV screen with their crayons. This is what you call a “real” colored TV.

5. The fridge is for storing edible items.
Mommy made a mistake on this one. It’s also perfect for storing a doll’s leg, a miniature cartoon character, and any toy looking for a break from the summer heat.

6. Stairs are off limits when playing.
I made another mistake here. Stairs are indoor monkey bars and slides.

7. We do not play with food (there are millions of children who are hungry).
Food can be used as a medium for art. They make perfect miniature volcanoes and facial scrubs. They also look better on the table… without the plate.

Will I take my kids to the Court of Justice? Naah…
I simply let my kids be kids. What’s an extra 10 minutes of cleaning? As long as they do not defy the laws regarding safety, the whole house is a play room. I just don’t tell them when I was a kid, I got up on my grandmother’s roof and had to stay there for a couple of hours until help came.

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(Photo courtesy of Mommy Jhanis)

Mothers want only the best for their children, so it definitely came as a shock to Mommy Joanne when she realized that her child, baby Juan Gabriel, was born with a cleft lip and palate. "Right after the operation, they showed me baby Juan while I was still a little sleepy from the anesthesia," she writes. "Everything was blurry; I didn't know which one's real and which one's a dream, but I knew in my heart that something’s wrong. Inside the recovery room, I wanted to get up, but I couldn't because half of my body was somewhat paralyzed with anesthesia."

Her mother's instinct proved to be spot on when she texted her husband. "It took a while for him to reply (by the way, he was inside the OR during my operation). After I got the message, I felt nothing. No emotions at all, I was as blank as a legal-size bond paper, I didn't know anesthesia could be that powerful."

When she was finally able to hold her baby, Joanne's worst fears were realized. "I won’t lie, it was far from what we were expecting and what we were excited about during my nine months of pregnancy." As the anesthesia began to wear off, she couldn't help but ask herself what she did wrong. "In Asia, the chances of a cleft lip and palate is at one in every 600 newborns. Up until now, I’ve never won a single raffle in my life, not once, but for this one I got picked?"


Like any loving mom, Joanne was filled with guilt. "I really didn’t have to do much, I thought to myself. I simply just needed to be pregnant, just that. Take my vitamins, eat and sleep regularly, walk when needed… Just be pregnant. It’s that simple and uncomplicated, but… I FAILED… I FAILED BIG TIME. I wanted my baby to be perfect; I wanted to have a perfect family with a perfect baby boy just like the pictures I see on Facebook."

Joanne knew that Juan Gabriel's condition could be operated on, but the thought of her darling baby under the knife breaks her heart. "The fear made me question my faith… BUT GOD quickly reminded me that HE wants ME, US to learn something. This is just a small piece of a big picture, HE HAS A PLAN, I know he does… I know HE will never leave us nor forsake us. Because of faith, I found acceptance."

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"Baby Juan is indeed special. Born on Easter Sunday, tallest among all the kids in the nursery (at that time) and yes, the Baby with BIGGEST SMILE," Joanne writes. "I am very proud of you Baby Juan. Years from now if Facebook still exists, I want you to look back at this and see that I wanted the whole world to know how proud I am of you and how much I love you, and hopefully you will be proud to have me as your Mom too. Papa and Mama love you so much!"

(Photo courtesy of Mommy Joanne)

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