Preparing for lessons isn't the only thing that can help students get better grades. A recent study featured on reports that meditating may also increase their chances of getting straight As.

George Mason University's Robert Youmans and University of Illinois' Jared Ramsburg conducted classroom trials with a random sample of students. They asked one group to meditate before a lecture and asked another to serve as a control group.

Results showed that those who gave time to quiet their minds performed and scored better on the quiz that followed than those who didn’t meditate. Interestingly, this effect seemed to be more prevalent with college freshmen.

Youmans explains, "This data from this study suggest that meditation may help students who might have trouble paying attention or focusing. Sadly, freshmen classes probably contain more of these types of students than senior courses because student populations who have difficulty self-regulating are also more likely to leave the university."

Although it appears that younger students gain more from meditation, this doesn't mean that others won't benefit from it. Meditation has been known to help relax the mind and the body, lessen stress hormones, and improve concentration, so whether the student is a freshman or a senior, contemplative morning walks or even staring out the window may help him become more aware of the present. Such focus may just be what every student needs to get ahead in school.

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