Would you consider yourself and your partner to be in a good relationship? Have you perfected the balance between attachment and independence, and have you fostered great confidence and trust in each other? If you manage to nod to all these, then you're on your way to becoming great parents.

A recent study on Huffington Post cites that great relationship skills may result in great parenting skills. This has something to do with the sense of attachment, which is what researcher Abigail Millings and her colleagues from the the University of Bristol have focused on. A relationship can have different levels of attachment: one is attachment avoidance, where one party denies his or her need for support; another is attachment anxiety, where being clingy is apparent. The best relationships foster a secure attachment, which has the ample amounts of security and independence for those involved.

To see how the dynamics of attachments affect parenting, Millings and her team worked with 125 English couples with children from ages seven to eight years old. They were all asked to accomplish a questionnaire about parenting, which was cetagorized by psychologists into three groups: authoritarian parenting involves strict shepherding of children; permissive parenting places only a few rules and guidelines; while authoritative parenting sets reasonable boundaries in a caring home setting.

The results showed that those who had secure attachments with their partners also had good, authoritative parenting styles.

Try observing how you relate with your partner. Are you being too clingy, or are you being too distant? Maybe you should start thinking about tweaking a few things in your relationship if you think that there is a need to do so, especially if you feel that you're in it for the long haul. Not only will these changes bring you and your man, closer together, but they will also help you prepare for an eventual family situation.

(Photo by Howie Le via Flickr Creative Commons)

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